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2019 Joint LACE Data Assimilation & DAsKIT Working Days, Prague, 18-20 September 2019
Article published on 20 August 2019
last modification on 22 October 2019

by Patricia

Following the success of last years organization, the DAsKIT WD this year was also partly joint with the LACE Data Assimilation Working Days (DAWD): the program started with a joint session were each country presented its local status/progress report; then the working days were separated and just joint again for a final joint discussion on conclusions and plans.

 Agenda and list of participants

 Common block of status/progress presentations

 Invited talks

 DAsKIT talks & practical notes

 Final discussion

 Summary report of the 2019 DAsKIT WD

 Next steps

  • Coming events:
    • 2020 DAsKIT will be host by ZAMG in Vienna, Austria
    • Next DAsKIT video-conf will take place in December 2019
  • DAsKIT goals for 2019-2020:
    • finish the tuning and joint validation of local surface DA cycling (CY40T1 and CY43T2)
    • step_by_step move to a combined solution of surface+3D-Var DA at CY43T2.