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Strategy meeting, Toulouse, 26-28 April 2016
Article published on 19 April 2016
last modification on 24 May 2016

by Patricia

A joint ALADIN/HIRLAM strategy meeting was held in Toulouse on April 26-28, 2016 from noon to noon.

 Scope and objectives of the workshop

The Aladin and Hirlam cooperation on limited area mesoscale weather forecasting de facto involves 26 countries now. The systems are growing in complexity and our services are asking for new applications (coupling with aerosols/ocean/hydrology, application in nowcasting, etc).
The Joint Declaration of the Aladin General Assembly and Hirlam Council of December 2014 identifies 5 issues that have to be resolved. One of them is: the identification of common activities and specific activities (possibility of core and optional programs).
Mind that, already now, some activities exist that are not commonly supported by all the 26 members.
The goal of this workshop was:

  • to identify which topics are candidates for common core activities and which activities can
    be optional ;
  • and to estimate the implications in terms of technical and scientific code management on the algorithms development part and on the “sanity check†part.

As an outcome of the workshop, a set of recommendations to PAC and HAC will be prepared on how to :

  • define a common core program for both ALADIN and HIRLAM, on which actual
    collaborative work is possible. This would provide the technical and scientific foundation for the future unified consortium.
  • define a common core program for ALADIN, LACE and HIRLAM, where, on some well-
    defined topics, it is considered beneficial to share between consortia the study of alternative
  • identify topics for which limited or no mutual views exist, on which participants will work
    either on bi- or trilateral basis, or completely on their own, BUT for which the targeted parts
    of the code are identified and for which maintenance resources for the code management
    need to planned as well.

These recommendations will be presented and discussed in the joint HAC-PAC meeting of 22 May in Brussels.

 Outline of the workshop

Tuesday 26 April

Wednesday 27 April

Thursday 28 April