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Export version of Cycle 32T1, May 4, 2007
Article published on 29 September 2007
last modification on 19 July 2018

by Patricia

Cycle 32T1, export version number 1, updated on May 4, 2007

  • Archives (contains source code, input files and some namelists) : located on cougar: marp001/pub/export/cy32t1
    • export_main_CY32T1.tar.gz contains all sources from cycle CY32T1 (main)
    • export_incr_CY32T1_bf.02.tar.gz contains all sources from 2 bugfixes for cycle CY32T1 (bf.01 and bf.02 in our Toulouse local versioning). You need to add the incremental package ontop of the main, in order to have a sound and complete package.
    • stuff_CY32T1.tar.gz contains some namelists, documentations and the set of so-called "constant files" useful for Arpège/Aladin-France in 3D-VAR mode (especially, all relevant input files for observation parameters.)
  • Misceallaneous documentation and namelists
    • ALADIN-France : cougar: marp001/pub/nam/ald/al32/al32t1_mainNEC.01.nam.tar (for the namelist) and namelist settings for Aladin-France
    • ALARO : namelist, minimum namelist, namelists with comments and documentation on ALARO-0 without 3MT
    • AROME : cougar; mrpe606/NAMELISTS/namelistes_AROME_CY32T1.tar (for the namelist)