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Article published on 1 March 2004
last modification on 18 September 2008

by Patricia

ALADIN Training NETwork (ALATNET) was the name of a project (1st March 2000 - 29 February 2004) supported by the TMR/IHP Programme of the European Community. It aimed at diversifying and widening the international research effort arount the Numerical Weather Prediction Limited Area Model (ALADIN) with basic objective to built the ALADIN NWP system up to a state where it can treat the dynamics and physics of atmospheric phenomena at scales down to 10 km and where it can assimilate in a continuous and balanced mode all relevant data for the prediction of extreme weather events. ALATNET offered pre-Doc and post-Doc positions in 5 teams. Theoretical training courses, exploring the leading-edge topics of NWP (high-resolution modelling, data assimilation, numerical methods) and open to the whole European NWP community, were organized regularly and completed the local, practical, training for newcomers.

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