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Physiography (under development)
Article published on 14 July 2009

by JFM
Orography GTOPO030 database resolution 30†None None None at present, possibly SRTM in future None
Soil types FAO database resolution 10 km : fraction of sand and clay Harmonized World Soil Database (HWSD) None HWSD + STATGO + observations None
Soil depths ECOCLIMAP database resolution 1km. Lookuptable with ecotypes HWSD None HWSD None
Land covers ECOCLIMAP resolution 1km. 255 ecotypes derived from NDVI classification and a set of 12 pure “ecoptypes†. Lookup tables for pure ecotypes and “flux conserving†averages for mixed ecotypes NDVI climatology, NASA/GSFC based on monthly mean data from SeaWiFS resolution 2.5’ None None at present. Possibly POSTEL in future Seasonal cycle of LAI based on ECOCLIMAP or MODIS
Lake properties ECOCLIMAP database resolution 1km + specific lake database (location + depth) Specific lake database (location + depth) from DWD for FLake None None None
Land-sea mask Fractional from ECOCLIMAP database resolution : 250 m over Europe (CORINE) resolution 1km elsewhere None None None None