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Aladin forecasters meeting, Lisbon, 21-23 September 2015
Article published on 8 October 2015
last modification on 2 November 2015

by Patricia

During the 2014 forecasters meeting, it was concluded that: “Forecasters need guidance to interpret high-resolution model output. This was a recurring problem during the discussions and emphasized by several forecasters. This related to the intrinsic stochastic nature of clouds and microphysics processes. It was also concluded that the human eye is not capable of interpreting a weather map in a probabilistic sense; i.e. it is not possible to interpret spatial variation in forecast patterns as probabilities over a wider area.†So the development of convection-permitting EPS systems will be crucial. Thus, the scientific presentations of the 2015 forecasters meeting focused on convection-permitting EPS.
Special presentation: “Interactive lakes in NWP†. Lake’s – natural or artificial (like the reservoirs and dams) - representation and parametrization on operational NWP models contribute to a better simulation of the models’ surface physical conditions. However, due to the fact that there is no real-time dissemination of the Lake’s observations, the impact of lakes parametrization in NWP can not be operationally monitored by a direct way. This can only be done through a priori validation studies (like fields campaigns) or post-mortem studies. Forecasters may have a view on the impact of misrepresenting lakes in regional NWP and we see this as an opportunity to open discussion on the topic inside the ALADIN community. The Alqueva Lake in Portugal is the biggest artificial lake in Europe and Évora University, which is active in this water reservoir modeling, has recently organized the event "Lake 2015 workshop" ( Therefore the local organization has invited Rui Salgado from Évora University to provide a debriefing of this SRNWP event.


Maria João Frada Portugal
Lidija Fustar Croatia
Rafal Kielar Poland
Iveta Kodádková Czech Republic
Kornél Kolláth Hungary
Tomislav Kozaric Croatia
Khaoula Melki Tunisia
Janko Merše Slovenia
Maria José Monteiro Portugal
Laure Raynaud France
João Rio Portugal
Rui Salgado Portugal
Miroslav Singer Slovakia
Geert Smet Belgium
Ricardo Tavares Portugal
Piet Termonia Belgium
Joris Van Den Bergh Belgium
Thomas Vanhamel Belgium
Florien Weidle Austria
Christoph Zingerle Austria


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