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ALADIN consortium : partnership and collaboration, governance, history, statistics, booklet, support of the EC (PECO, ALATNET) and the French Ministery of Education (RFR)


First stage abstract
Published on 19 January 2005
by Patricia
Current governance
Published on 4 April 2018
by Patricia
Latest statistics on the ALADIN manpower, December 2017
Published on 7 December 2017
by Patricia
25th Anniversary
Published on 9 May 2016
by Patricia
ALADIN-HIRLAM cooperation
Published on 10 April 2017
by Patricia
Published on 9 May 2022
by Patricia
The ALADIN Project within the European collaborations in Numerical Forecast
Published on 12 January 2011
by Patricia
ALADIN governance : history of the chair persons
Published on 30 November 2018
by Patricia