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2nd Meeting of the Expert Team on Surface Processes, Zürich, 15 September 2010
Article published on 29 September 2010
last modification on 1 October 2010

by JFM

A second meeting of the Expert Team on surface processes took place during the last EMS conference in Zürich and was kindly hosted by Meteo Swiss, thanks to Jean-Marie Bettems. The first part was devoted to the description on the database of in-situ measurements for local validation of NWP land surface schemes. This activity which is part of the COLOBOC project of the COSMO consortium has been endorsed by SRNWP in order to make the data available to our community. The second part was devoted to presentations on the current activities of each consortium on surface processes.

Minutes of the meeting devoted to the discussion about the SRNWP Data Pool (written by J.-M. Bettems)

An important conclusion of the meeting was to encourage SRNWP consortia to make use of the dataset for validation studies. This action is important if we want this database to be maintained and enriched with more recent data. All members of SRNWP can register on the following web site and then download the available data :

SRNWP COSMO COLOBOC Database of surface observations

The presentations given during the meeting are available below :

COLOBOC_Report 1.9 MiB / PDF

COSMO_Report 1.8 MiB / PDF

ECMWF_Report 5.2 MiB / PDF

GLASS_Panel_Seattle_24Aug2010_Reichle_PILDAS 225.3 KiB / PDF

HIRLAM_AEMET_Report 436.3 KiB / PDF

HIRLAM_KNMI_Report 899.7 KiB / PDF

Minutes_Datapool_201009 13.5 KiB / PDF

SRNWP_ET_overview 78.9 KiB / PDF

UKMO_Report 536.3 KiB / PDF