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Regular 15th General Assembly of ALADIN Partners, Prague, 2010
Article published on 17 December 2010
last modification on 1 April 2011

by Patricia
AG15 : Participants

The 15th Regular General Assembly of ALADIN Partners took place in Prague, Czech Republic on 14-15 December 2010. During this General Assembly, the new ALADIN Memorandum of Understanding (MoU4) was signed by the representatives of the 16 ALADIN Partners.
On December 14, during the official ALADIN GA dinner, we had two special events : the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the kick-off of the ALADIN project and the tribute to Jean-François Geleyn, retiring from ALADIN after 20 years (see the dedicated page to these 2 events for more details, photos and videos).

Agenda with on-line presentations

1. Welcome and opening of the meeting by the Director of CHMI

2. Adoption of the Agenda and of the Minutes of the 14th GA (GA Chair)

3. Report about PAC sessions (Radim Tolasz)

The PAC 6th Session took place in Bucharest, 3-4/6/2010 and the PAC 7th Session in Budapest, 30/11/2010.

4. ‘Classical matters’ for the past year

5. Budget matters

  • a.Report about the ongoing execution of the 2010 budget (ALADIN PM)
  • c.Royalties-linked issues (ALADIN PM)
16 MoU4 (+2)

6. ALADIN MoU4 (GA Chair)

  • a. Decision about the final content of the document (only changes of minor scope and unanimously approved could happen at that stage)
  • b. Transition from MoU3 to MoU4: practical steps.

7. Important issues for the planning

Celebration of the 20th anniversary of the kick-off of the ALADIN project

Special presentation: New operational configuration of ALADIN at CHMI (Radmila Brožková)

8. Programme Managers’ reports from 2010

9. ALADIN planning (CSSI Chair)

10. Appointment of next CSSI Chairperson (GA Chair).

Claude Fischer (Météo-France) is appointed as CSSI chairperson.

11. Appointments of the PAC Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson (GA Chair)

  • Adérito Serrão (Portuguese Meteorological Institute) is appointed as PAC chairperson.
  • Michael Staudinger (Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik, Austria) is appointed as vice-chairperson.

12. Provisional appointment of regular PAC members and substitutes (to become official after the definitive signing of the MoU4) (GA Chair)

  • regular Météo-France PAC members : Philippe Bougeault and Alain Joly (substitute Gwenaëlle Hello)
  • regular LACE PAC members : Radmila Brozkova (Czech Hydrometeorological Institute) and Vladimir Pastircak (Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute), substitute Miklos Voros (Hungarian Meteorological Service)
  • regular flat-rate members : Maria Monteiro (Portuguese Meteorological Institute) and Abdalah Mokssit (Direction de la Météorologie Nationale, Morocco), substitute Fatih Buyukkasabbasi (Turkish State Meteorological Service)

13. A.O.B.

14. Date of the next General Assembly (and confirmation of the places for the next two General Assemblies)

The 16th GA will be hosted by Météo-France in Toulouse, on November 15-16, 2011.

The 17th GA will be hosted by Austria.

15. Address to the Delegates of the 16 Partners by Mrs. Rut Bízková, Czech Deputy Minister of the Environment

Press conference 1
Press conference 2
Press conference 3
Press conference 4

16. Signing of the MoU4 at 11h45 on 15/12/2010 : video of the address by the Czech Deputy Minister of the Environment and of the MoU4 signing

17.Confirmation of the appointments and formal closing of the GA (GA Chair)

Post-GA event: CHMI-organized press conference.

4b. Maintenance Report 713 KiB / PDF

4c. Manpower report 335.2 KiB / PDF

5b. 2011 budget 44.9 KiB / PDF

7a. Strategic issues 68.5 KiB / PDF

7b. Convergence 104.4 KiB / PDF

7c. SURFEX issues 46.7 KiB / PDF

8a. PM report 1004 KiB / PDF

8c. RC-LACE Council 1.1 MiB / PDF

8d. Transversal issues EUMETNET 132.7 KiB / PDF

9a. Common ALADIN/HIRLAM workplan 690.4 KiB / PDF

AG15 : Participants 58.2 KiB / PDF

Draft minutes of GA15 126.2 KiB / PDF


New operational configuration of ALADIN at CHMI 1.9 MiB / PDF