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Former guidelines for Monitoring of manpower associated to the ALADIN Project (doc MoU2 et MoU3)
Article published on 13 January 2006
last modification on 27 July 2011

by Patricia

Des guidelines pour le monitoring du manpower ALADIN avaient été rédigées pendant le MoU1 et ajoutées en annexe au MoU2 (voir texte ci-dessous).
Dans le MoU3, ces guidelines ont disparu mais un document explicatif avait été diffusé aux LTMs (et rendu disponible sur le site au niveau de la page permettant l’enregistrement des participations) : ces guidelines expliquaient aussi le budget financier.

MoU2 : Appendix F : Commitment and monitoring of manpower associated to the ALADIN Project

The unit is "person-month" and the amounts allowed to be registered (for one given person and one given
registration period) are multiple of 0.25 (the "quantum" of the statistics).

Monitoring of manpower amounts is accomplished every three months.
The actions are registered with a maximum delay of 15 days using the http interface tool developed in
Météo-France, with the mention of category and type of work (as well as its "transversal" character, when
appropriate: LACE-Prague and ALATNET at the time of initially signing the second MoU). No timely
reporting means no accounted work.

The starting point will correspond to the recording realised up to now in Météo-France (with information
provided by the other Partners) at the last monitoring date before the initial signing of the second MoU.

Each Partner nominates an official correspondent who has the right and the obligation to make the reporting
of all ALADIN work in his/her centre (stays from outside and work of permanent staff) with a short
description of each activity for the ALADIN Newsletter. Météo-France keeps the record of the list of
correspondents. The current list at the time of signing of the second MoU is the folowing:

  • Austria: T. Haiden; Belgium: J. Vanderborght; Bulgaria: A. Bogatchev; Croatia: A. Bajic; Czech
    Republic: F. Vana; France: D. Giard; Hungary: A. Horanyi; Morocco: R. Ajjaji; Poland: M.
    Jerczynski; Portugal: M. Monteiro; Romania: D. Banciu; Slovakia: O. Spaniel; Slovenia: J. Jerman;
    Tunisia: A. Nmiri.

The following activities are recognised:

  • direct work with ALADIN potentially beneficial to everybody;
  • maintenance of local applications;
  • development of interfaces to other applications or to the forecasters, with expected and reported

The type of the work should be identified:

  • training;
  • tuition;
  • operational work;
  • development;
  • maintenance;
  • administrative/networking;
  • validation.

Only effective work is allowed to be declared.

If some "direct work on ALADIN potentially beneficial to everybody" (the only category considered here)
is made in an ALADIN country by a person not belonging to an ALADIN Member (for example an
ALATNET young researcher), this work will be registered as participation of the ALADIN country where
the work is realised.

When a new Member enters the ALADIN partnership, the work previously done by its
people in other ALADIN centres is reallocated to it. However, in the case of a Member quitting the
ALADIN partnership, no such redistribution takes place the other way round.

All the relevant information is made available to all Partners in order (a) to allow each one to know the
likely future developments it may become interested in and (b) to try and avoid unnecessary duplication of
efforts. The quarterly reports are thus distributed to all correspondents and considered as fully validated
only when relevant reports are available.

In anticipation each Member indicates at the Assembly of Partners
a commitment of the manpower it will dedicate to the ALADIN Project in the following year and its main
topics of interest.