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Joint 18th ALADIN Workshop and HIRLAM All Staff Meeting 2008, Bruxelles, April 7-10, 2008
Article published on 11 April 2008
last modification on 16 February 2009

by Patricia

Local organizers pages (local informations, hotel registration, meeting registration, participants, etc ...)

Agenda and participants of the ALADIN workshop

Besides the workshop

  • A coordination meeting between ALADIN CSSI and HIRLAM MG took place on Sunday 6 April 2008 and Thursday 10 April afternoon (minutes)

On-line presentations during the ALADIN workshop

The next WK/ASM meetings will be hosted by Netherlands (De Bilt, spring 2009). 2010 meetings will take place in an ALADIN country (Morocco, Poland or Romania) : decision will be announced at EWGLAM meeting in Madrid this year.
The format of the meetings will be changed to avoid parallel sessions : HMG/CSSI on Monday, meetings from Tuesday to Friday noon with only half a day dedicated to separate consortium agenda and a shorter final session with less time for report of thematic sessions in order to have all sessions in plenary format; evening working groups or consortium meetings/discussions could be added.


Pleanary session Wk18

Poster session Wk18

Official photo Wk18

Diner Wk18