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Scientific Management meetings (informal, AWOC, CSSI, AAA, first HIRLAM) until 2005
Article published on 17 November 2005
last modification on 16 December 2008

by Patricia

Since the beginning of the project, management meetings have taken place regularly; their form and their organisation have changed accordingly to the governances established by the different MoU.

  • AWOC meetings : Discussions about portability of the ALADIN code to different platforms and problems linked to operational implementation were the main topic of the AWOC group that met between 1997 and 1999.
  • informal meetings : Between 1990 and 2005 (thus, before the formalization of the 3rd MoU), informal ALADIN meetings were often organized besides the annual EWGLAM & SRNWP meetings.
  • first informal meetings with HIRLAM
  • meetings for the MoU renewal
  • meetings to prepare the scientific plans
  • CSSI meetings: In 2002, a CSSI (Committee for Scientific and Strategic Issues) structure, a coordination team of 6 persons nominated by the 6th Assembly of Partners had been shelved when launching the ALADIN-2 project. This first attempt didn’t prove very successful and the 9th Assembly of Partners (2004) decided to both push forward and renew CSSI. A new definition of the CSSI appears in the 3rd MoU.
  • AA, AAA, TCWGPDI, meetings
besides 2005 EWGLAM/SRNWP meetings October 4, 2005 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Meteo-France meeting on LAM NWP (ALADIN, ALARO, AROME, MESO-NH) January 19, 2005 Toulouse, France minutes
Training Course and Working Group on Physics-Dynamics Interfacing November 22-26, 2004 Prague, Czech Republic all details
besides 2004 EWGLAM/SRNWP meetings October 5, 2004 Oslo, Norway minutes
Informal meeting of HIRLAM, ALADIN and Meteo-France representatives (besides the ALADIN-NH training course) March 18, 2004 Toulouse, France conclusions
AROME-ALARO-ALADIN meeting February 13, 2004 Prague, Czech Republic all details
RAPS meeting October 30-31, 2003 Paris, France about RAPS
besides 2003 EWGLAM/SRNWP meetings October 7, 2003 Lisbon, Portugal
AROME-ALADIN special workshop and CSSI/Lace MG meeting April 11-12, 2003 Prague, Czech Republic all details
besides 2002 EWGLAM/SRNWP meetings October 8, 2002 De Bilt, Netherlands 2002 report
Meeting of the WG for coooperation with non-member African NMSs April 19, 2002 Dubrovnik, Croatia conclusions
First meeting of the Coordinators for Scientific and Strategic Issues 8, 9, 11 March 2002 Budapest, Hungary report
Verification meeting 11 March 2002 Budapest, Hungary report
besides 2001 EWGLAM/SRNWP meetings October 11, 2001 Cracow, Poland minutes
Meeting of the working group for the MoU renewal February 23,2001 Bucarest, Romania minutes
besides 2000 EWGLAM/SRNWP meetings October 10, 2000 Toulouse, France minutes
Workshop on physics September 16 - October 4 2000 Prague, Czech Rep details
Meeting of the working group for the MoU renewal January 24,2000 Ljubljana, Slovenia minutes
besides 1999 EWGLAM/SRNWP meetings October 13, 1999 Bratislava, Slovakia minutes
3rd AWOC meeting, besides ALADIN workshop February 17, 1999 Bucarest, Romania report
2nd AWOC meeting, besides 1998 EWGLAM/SRNWP meetings October 6, 1998 Copenhagen, Denmark report
1st AWOC meeting February 20, 1998 Toulouse, France report
AWOC birth, besides 1997 EWGLAM/SRNWP meetings October 7, 1997 Budapest, Hungary report
Workshop on Spectral Limited Area Modelling in Europe June 2-3, 1994 Copenhagen, Denmark conclusion

3rd AWOC meeting 57.5 KiB / PDF

AWOC birth 56.3 KiB / PDF

CSSI October 2002 15.1 KiB / PDF

First CSSI meeting (2002) 6.6 KiB / PDF

Informal meeting 1999 57.7 KiB / PDF

Informal meeting 2000 75.1 KiB / PDF

Informal meeting 2001 95.2 KiB / PDF

Informal meeting 2004 105.2 KiB / PDF

Informal meeting of HIRLAM, ALADIN and Meteo-France representatives (besides the ALADIN-NH training course, March 2004) 80.8 KiB / PDF

LAM meeting (2005) 63.7 KiB / PDF

MoU renewal 2000 134.6 KiB / PDF

MoU renewal 2001 93.3 KiB / PDF

Physics 2002 70.9 KiB / PDF

RAPS 46.4 KiB / PDF

SLAM 1994 68 KiB / PDF

Verification 2002 120.9 KiB / PDF