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MoU4 draft versions -> signed version
Article published on 17 December 2010
last modification on 11 January 2011

by Patricia

 The MoU4

 Text of MoU4 after second review from Directors

 Text of MoU4 after first Directors’ comments

 Text of MoU4 proposed to Directors

 Text of MoU4 : intermediate post-PAC versions

 Text of MoU4 : draft version proposed to PAC

 Text of MoU4 : draft version 0.1 and 0.2

 Text of MoU3 revisited by Jean-François, May 5, 2010

  • The colour code is as follows:
    • red: should be dropped;
    • orange: may be dropped (please give your opinion on yes/no);
    • green: must (or might) be modified => the comments in italic between parenthesis explain why and, if appropriate, how).
  • Version for discussion during the 1st teleconference meeting of the MoU4 redaction committee.

Differences between MoU4 v2.4 and MoU4 draft for PAC v1.1 1.2 MiB / PDF

MoU4 : last version 298 KiB / PDF

MoU4 draft V.0.1 441.1 KiB / PDF

MoU4 draft V.0.2 441.2 KiB / PDF

MoU4 draft V.1.1 461.5 KiB / PDF

MoU4 draft V.2.0 557.1 KiB / PDF

MoU4 draft V.2.2 628.5 KiB / PDF

MoU4 draft V.2.3 632.6 KiB / PDF

MoU4 draft V.2.4 633.4 KiB / PDF

MoU4 draft V.3.0 330.7 KiB / PDF

MoU4 draft V.3.1 332.9 KiB / PDF

MoU4 draft V.3.3 338 KiB / PDF

MoU4 draft V.4.0 337.7 KiB / PDF

MoU4 draft V.4.1 297 KiB / PDF

MoU4 with signatures 1.3 MiB / PDF