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MF BULL new computer : use and newcomer’ s guide
Article published on 14 May 2014
last modification on 3 June 2014

by Patricia

 "Bull users getting started" note

May 2014, Alexandre Mary completed the "Bull users getting started" note (in the tar file, you will find the note and the associated templates). Overall absolutely high priority recommendation is to run jobs on the 32Gb nodes, not the bigger ones (that are fewer). For large memory jobs, this means to run with MPI and possibly some OpenMP.

 Presentation during training course on BULL computer use at Météo-France

Ryad El Khatib gave a presentation during the training course on BULL computer use at Météo-France. The training was given in French and the document is also in French (but you may find some link to more general documentation in English). It explains how to write programs and send jobs on the BULL and gives the difference with the former NEC computer.