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The 5th Assembly of ALADIN Partners, Vienna, 24th of November 2000
Article published on 27 September 2001
last modification on 22 September 2008

by Patricia

The 5th Assembly of ALADIN Partners took place in Vienna (Austria) on November 24, 2000. Main conclusions are :

  • The MoU is extended for another 6 months : the working group (France, Romania, Slovenia) who received in 1999 the mission to draft the new Memorandum of Understanding will continue its work following the recommendations of the Assembly.
  • The signature of the new MoU is expected for the end of May during an intermediate Assembly of Partners, that will be organised jointly with the 2001 celebrations (10 years of ALADIN, 7 years of operations, ...). A working group gathering some directors (Austria, Belgium, Czech, France) will prepare this. This might be also an opportunity to make some publicity for ALADIN (embassies, EU, ...).
  • A working group (Belgium, France, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia) was created to harmonise the evaluation of the ALADIN effort in each NMS.

Please consult the Minutes of the 5th Assembly.

5th Assembly Minutes