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First MoU : 1996 & 1998 versions
Article published on 12 September 1999
last modification on 21 November 2013

by Patricia

In 1996, the evolutions of the ALADIN project made it necessary to get a minimum of formalization around the project in order to keep it as successful as it had been during the first five years.

The MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) was born.

It first recalled the current principles guiding research, development and maintenance of ALADIN (more precisely ARPEGE/ALADIN, to recall the interdependency of the two systems).

Then, it detailed the conditions of use of the ALADIN software.

Conditions of membership to the ALADIN project, conditions of adhesion to the ALADIN project and conditions of withdrawal from the ALADIN project are then defined.

The 1st MoU was signed on the occasion of the 1st Assembly of ALADIN Partners (1996).

1st MoU - 1996

During the 3rd Assembly of ALADIN Partners (1998), some amendments to the ALADIN MoU were discussed and approved by the Assembly. Main accepted modifications were :

  • regarding the access to ALADIN code for institutions which were neither ALADIN participating Partners, nor from an ECMWF Member, nor from an ECMWF Co-operating country, it was decided : no rule of exception but regulation of new problems by the amended mechanism for full adhesion;
  • the case of code benchmarks was specifically added to the non-dissemination and restricted-use rules;
  • regarding the "Commitment and monitoring of manpower associated to the ALADIN Project" : a third category of work for reporting ("Prague-LACE" in addition to "Toulouse" and "at Home") and applying of strict deadline and using single contact points were agreed upon.
    1st MoU with 1998 amendments