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Assimilation and analysis (under development)
Article published on 11 July 2009

by JFM
Soil temperature and water content Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) for conventional and satellite observations. Offline mode First guess T2m and Q2m from open land/snow only (excluding forest) Addition of ASCAT data.
Longer term plan is to develop an EKF scheme that uses screen observations and satellite data
Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) for use of conventional (soil moisture and brightness temperatures). Offline mode
Sea surface temperature Optimal interpolation using surface observations and satellite SST products (OSTIA) None
Sea-ice extent None None
Sea-ice temperature None Implementation of bulk thermodynamic sea ice model presently applied operationally in GME None
Sea-ice concentration None None
Snow depth Optimal interpolation using surface observations + satellite MSG swno cover mask Major revision of snow within COSMO project COLOBOC at Meteo-Swiss. Modifications in calculation of rho_snow, T_snow, additional use of snow observations in the Alpine region Longer term plans to include SYNOPs and satellite SWE in snow depth analysis
Lake None None
Vegetation Kalman filter for surface albedo analysis from LandSAF products More frequent updates, possibly using LandSAF data. Longer term plan to assimilate LAI within EKF scheme MODIS assimilation in a simplified 2D-Var