Publication of the first ACCORD Newsletter, 5 October 2021

We welcome herewith the very first ACCORD Newsletter, which gives an opportunity to look back at the first steps of our new consortium. The articles tackle various topics such as model evaluation and validation, fog or visibility, forecasting temperature in mountain areas with deep valleys, physiography, DAsKIT programme, Artificial Intelligence, technology, ...
We thank the contributors to newsletter number 1, and hope all ACCORD staff members find a good time reading its content (contributions for the 2nd NL welcome, for an expected publication at the very beginning of 2022).

Since its birth and its official start on the 1st of January 2021, ACCORD is thriving. All governance bodies and committees are settled and very active:

  • the LTMs have already met 3 times;
  • the MG meets regularly and is working on the Rolling Work Plan 2022, while following the realisation of the RWP2021: new work practices have been installed;
  • the PAC met on the 30th of March
  • the STAC met on the 4th of May
  • the Assembly met on the 8th of March and on the 2nd of July to discuss the recommendations from PAC and STAC on DestinE (the minutes are published);
  • the working environment within the consortium and its outside visibility have been settled: internet domain name, website, proposals for logo, wiki, many mailing lists, ... a call for articles for the first ACCORD Newsletter is running;
  • about the resources: the Detailed Action Plan for 2021 (actions funded by the ACCORD budget) is ready and financial agreements and exchanges are on-going; the Common Manpower Register is filled by the LTMs and monitored by the MG.

Special focus on the All Staff Workshop
250 colleagues joined us for the 1st ACCORD All Staff Workshop, many ACCORD colleagues of course, but also colleagues from ECWMF and the COSMO scientific PM.
The All Staff Workshop does befit its name: many of the 290 ACCORDers (persons who worked on the Rolling Work Plans of the consortium over the last 3 years, representing 125 annual Full Time Equivalent) attended the sessions they were interested in and participated to the exchanges with the speakers and the chairs, including in the chat tool.
The biggest session gathered 180 simultaneous attendees (opening), the others between 130 (Data Assimilation, dynamics, EPS and Meteorological Quality Assurance), 150 (physics, posters introduction), 160 (surface), 170 (code and system development).Automatic word wrap
During the closing session, the new Area Leaders presented a summary of the session in their area and their plans for the future, with still almost 130 persons connected on this Friday afternoon session.
The speakers, posters’ presenters and chairs have prepared more than 100 documents for 70 talks, 20 posters, 9 sessions and 2 side-meetings.Automatic word wrap
The sessions have been recorded and the 31 hour video recordings are available. The content of the discussions in the chat have also been kept.
All this material is available on the ASW2021 page

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From the 1st of January 2021, 26 National Met Services [1] join more closely their scientific research efforts towards developing the tools of excellence for NWP on Limited Area Domains and enter into a large partnership : the consortium ACCORD (A Consortium for COnvection-scale modelling Research and Development).
The ACCORD governance and organisation is defined in the Memorandum of Understanding. The strategy of the consortium and the common key objectives of the Members for the next five years are summarised in the document 2021-2025 Strategy. Annual Rolling Work Plans are derived from this strategy.

ACCORD Members
ACCORD Organisational chart, December 2021
ACCORD Local Team Managers photo gallery
ACCORD Management Group photo gallery
ACCORD PAC Group photo gallery
ACCORD STAC Group photo gallery
Notes :

[1ACCORD: consortium of the National Met Services of Algeria, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, , Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Lithuania, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Tunisia and Turkey