ACCORD MG visit to IMO (Iceland) and 3nd in-person MG meeting
Article published on 13 December 2023
last modification on 22 December 2023

by Anne-Lise

On 28 September, the ACCORD/MG met the NWP team of IMO (Icelandic Met Office) besides the EWGLAM/C-SRNWP conference, in order to learn more about the staff composing the team, their fields of interest and their organisation. The IMO presentation is here.

The IMO team explained their most common meteorological hazards (on the top ranking, very strong low level winds) and their NWP configurations, either shared (Hirlam, UWC-West) or national (especially a 750m grid spacing instance of the ACCORD models). The MG was impressed by the very close connection of the NWP team with the forecasters, as well as by the dissemination of meteorological fields as weather charts for the general public and in relation to alert indexes. These charts and alert stages are widely communicated to the public who understands them. IMO has regular meetings with the Icelandic public security authorities (roads, pollutants etc.) whenever needed. It was agreed that the IMO team, via its LTM, would contact the relevant MG member in order to further discuss their implication in the ACCORD RWP (perhaps by envisaging scientific visits). Another striking feature was the importance for the team in Reykjavik, of a thorough scripting system shared with other partners.

Group photo of IMO representatives and staff with the ACCORD/MG