Article published on 17 December 2020
last modification on 14 December 2023

by pottier

This organizational chart summarises the bodies as defined in the ACCORD MoU and the positions after the nominations during the 5th ACCORD Assembly.

The Assembly of the Directors of the 26 NMSs Members of ACCORD is the upper governance body of ACCORD (A Consortium for COnvection-scale modelling Research and Development).
The Programme Manager (PM) is the highest executive officer of the management structure of the Consortium.: Claude Fischer from Météo-France.
The Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) advises the Assembly on strategic and policy matters of the Consortium. It is chaired by Daniel Gellens (Belgium) and Florinela Georgescu (Romania).
The Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) advises the PM and the Assembly on scientific and technical issues. It is chaired by Saji Varghese (Ireland) and Christine Lac (France).
The Project team is composed of staff provided by Members and Acceding Members to prepare and execute the RWP. It is led by a Management Group (MG), chaired by the PM. The Management Group is composed of the three CSC leaders (Arome, Alaro and Harmonie-Arome), the Integration leader, the Area Leaders for Dynamics, Surface, Meteorological QA, EPS, Transversal activities, Physics, System, Data Assimilation.
The Project team also includes the position of Coordinator for Network Activities (CNA).
The Support team is composed of staff provided by Members and acceding Members to support the work of the Project team, including a Consortium Scientific Secretary (CSS) to assist the PM and the MG in their duties, a Coordinator for the Data Assimilation starters KIT applications (DAsKIT coord.) and Local Team Managers (LTM) to assure the good liaison between the Member and the project team.

ACCORD Organisational chart, December 2023

The members of the different bodies (Assembly, STAC, PAC, MG and LTM) can be contacted through dedicated mailing lists.

ACCORD Local Team Managers photo gallery, March 2023
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