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Reports from Scientific Visits
Published on 13 December 2021
by pottier
The ACCORD budget funds Working Weeks and Scientific Visits between ACCORD teams. Other visits are directly funded by the NMSs, or the groupings (...)
Organisation of R&D activities in ACCORD
Published on 6 January 2021
by pottier
The R&D activities in ACCORD are organised by the Area Leaders of the thematic areas or through thematic working groups. Dedicated email (...)
Rolling Work Plans
Published on 5 January 2021
by pottier
Rolling Work Plans during ACCORD 1st MoU RWP2023: The RWP2023 was approved by the 5th ACCORD Assembly on the 8th of December 2022. RWP2022: The (...)
Strategy 2021-2025
Published on 5 January 2021
by pottier
A strategy meeting was held on 3-4 February 2020 in Toulouse for defining the strategic objectives for 2021-2025, and identifying the activities (...)