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Article published on 17 December 2020
last modification on 12 April 2023

by pottier

From the 1st of January 2021, 26 Euro-Mediterranean National Met Services have decided to enter into a larger partnership and create a single consortium: ACCORD, built on the ALADIN, LACE and HIRLAM consortia [1].
ACCORD: A Consortium for COnvection-scale modelling Research and Development).

ACCORD Members
Office National de la Météorologie Météo-Algérie Algeria
GeoSphere Austria [2] GSA Austria
The Royal Météorologique de Belgique RMI Belgium
Bulgarian National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology NIMH Bulgaria
Meteorological and Hydrological Service of the Republic of Croatia DHMZ Croatia
The Czech Meteorological Institute CHMI Czech Rep.
The Danish Meteorological Institute DMI Denmark
The Estonian Environmental Agency ESTEA Estonia
The Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI Finland
Météo-France Météo-France France
Hungarian Meteorological Service OMZS Hungary
The Icelandic Meteorological Office IMO Iceland
The Irish Meteorological Service Met Eireann Ireland
The Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service LHMS Lituania
Direction Générale de la Météorologie DGM Morocco
The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute KNMI Netherlands
The Norwegian Meteorological Institute MET Norway Norway
Institute of Meteorology and Water Management - State Research Institute IMGW Poland
Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera IPMA Portugal
Administratia nationala de Meteorologia Meteo-Romania Romania
Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute SMHU Slovakia
Slovenian Environment Agency ARSO Slovenia
The Meteorological State Agency of the Kingdom of Spain AEMET Spain
The Swedish meteorological and Hydrological Institute SMHI Sweden
Institut National de la Météorologie de Tunisie INM Tunisia
Turkish State Meteorological Service TSMS Turkey

Assembly delegations 94.6 kb / PDF