MG meetings
Article published on 26 March 2021
last modification on 17 June 2022

by pottier
MG meetingDatePlaceAgenda
Regular MG meeting 1 July 2022 video
Regular MG meeting 17 June 2022 video
Regular MG meeting 3 June 2022 video RWP 2023 preparation, cycles and codes: status of specific developments (GPU refactoring, Surfex, SPP in CY49 etc.), continuation of DAP2022 (List 2)
Regular MG meeting 20 May 2022 video deliverables in RWP2023, white paper: proposal for O2R and the organization of the users’ feedback
Regular MG meeting 6 May 2022 video RWP2023: wrap-up on mngt aspects
Additional MG meetings 2-3 May 2022 video RWP2023: per area
Regular MG meeting 22 April 2022 video outcome of ASW, wrap-up on DAP2022, MNGT and Area reporting, validation of realized manpower for the full year of 2021
Regular MG meeting 25 March 2022 video Last minute information for the ASW2022, wrap-up on DAP2022, Brief from the IFS-Arpege coordination meeting on 21 March, Resume discussion on white paper (R2O) and roadmap
Regular MG meeting 10 March 2022 video DAP2022, ASW preparation, management reporting
Regular MG meeting 25 February 2022 video DAP2022, ASW preparation
Regular MG meeting 11 February 2022 video Roadmap and white paper
Additional MG meeting 4 February 2022 video DestinE and ACCORD
Regular MG meeting 28 January 2022 video Budget wiki page for LTMs, funded WWs in DAP2022, ACCORD system questionnaire
Additional MG meeting 21 January 2022 video MG dedicated to preparation DAP2022
Regular MG meeting 14 January 2022 video Roadmap, MQA questionnaire, RWP2021_augmented
Regular MG meeting 17 Dec 2021 video Feedback from Assembly, ACCORD System questionnaire, Report from Surface WW, ACCORD NL2
Regular MG meeting 3 Dec 2021 video Roadmap & White paper, report from GitHub webinar, Contributions to 48T2, Procedure for building the additional work plan (SPTR) for Assembly
Regular MG meeting 19 Nov 2021 video STAC summary, system inquiry, coordination of Machine Learning WG & DA RT12 team
Regular MG meeting 5 Nov 2021 video oral report on RWP2021, MQA inquiry, structure & content of ACCORD roadmap and "R2O white paper
Regular MG meeting 22 Oct 2021 video wrap-up on the scientific report of RWP2021, wrap-up on the RWP2022, including manpower commitments, update on ACCORD-MG calendar, MQA questionnaire, EWGLAM-2022 HPC vendors session
Regular MH meeting 8 Oct 2021 video progress on CY48T2, feedback from MG on the source code forge Note, resume discussion on ACCORD roadmap and relation with UWC
Regular MH meeting 24 Sept 2021 video Status of commitments (by LTMs) on RWP2022, preparation for EWGLAM meeting, for LTM meeting, resume the discussion on HIRLAM, UWC and ACCORD, Source code forge
Regular MG meeting 10 Sept 2021 video cycling and davaï testing, reporting for STAC+Assembly, HIRLAM, UWC and ACCORD, RWP2022 for LTMs to commit on manpower
Regular MG meeting 27 August 2021 video MG comments on the manpower registered by the LTMs for the first quarter of 2021, feedback from LTMs on the RWP2022, preparation of Ewglam meeting, status of the NL
Regular MG meeting 16 July 2021 video side-meetings wrap-up, report from Assembly, topics for after summer break
Regular MG meeting 2 July 2021 video RWP2022 announcement to LTMs, WG-ML, manpower, ...
Regular MG meeting 18 June 2021 video RWP2022, transversal WGs set-up, ...
Regular MG meeting 4 June 2021 video status of RWP2022, 3transversal WGs, information on DestinE: STAC-WG
Regular MG meeting 21 May 2021 video ACCORD Newsletters, transversal WGs, DAP2021, MQA questionnaire
Regular MG meeting 7 May 2021 video Checking of DAP2021, RWP2022 structure and CMR, ...
post ASW MG meeting 26 April & 6 May 2021 video Rolling Work Plans: timeline for RWP2022, assessment of RWP2020 and structure of RWP2022
MG comments on the PAC WG note for DestinE LAM 30 April video Discussion and preparation of comments for STAC
Regular MG meeting 23 April 2021 video DAP2021, information organisation-exchange
Regular MG meeting 9 April 2021 video work organisation by area
MG kick-off meeting 25 March 2021 video
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