ACCORD birth: press release
Article published on 17 December 2020
last modification on 12 February 2021

by pottier

On the 30th of November 2020, ACCORD birth was announced and the Press Release below was relayed by ACCORD NMSs, Ministers in charge, WMO, ECMWF.

Press release
ACCORD Consortium
26 countries will share and capitalize their expertise to improve weather predictions

On 27 November 2020, twenty-six National Meteorological Services decided to reinforce their collaboration to improve short-range [1] weather predictions, and deliver a better service to society.
As a result, the modern-day world of meteorology is turning a new page in its history. It is now time to deepen and broaden this new international cooperation, ensuring best possible support to society. In this way, our community will continue to help protect life and property and support societal well being. Our improved services will better help citizens to mitigate the impact of weather and climate related threats to life, health, economy and property in our countries and support authorities to adapt their services to climate change.

Europe has a long tradition of cooperation in meteorology: Meteorological satellites are procured and operated by EUMETSAT, other observations are coordinated under EUMETNET, and global medium-range [2] numerical weather predictions are produced by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF).

On the other hand, the high spatial resolution short-range numerical weather predictions are the responsibility of National Meteorological Services (NMSs). Since the 1980s, these NMSs have collaborated within the frame of several regional consortia.

Today three of these consortia [3] have decided to enter into a larger partnership, resulting in a unique collaboration of 26 countries of Europe and Northern Africa. Together these NMSs will further develop the science of weather prediction and new algorithms to face the challenges of parallel computer architectures and massive data flows, all for the sake of more accurate weather forecasts. The new consortium will also collaborate closely with EUMETSAT, EUMETNET and ECMWF.

The new partnership will advance and strengthen research and development of the common Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) model code and extend the cooperation on the new components of the complex system with more efficient maintenance. The production and delivery of operational NWP forecasts will remain organized on a national or regional basis, regularly upgraded with the innovations developed in the common consortium.

With our joint effort, we will accelerate the improvement of weather forecasts.

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