Working Weeks /Working Days
Article published on 11 January 2021
last modification on 14 November 2022

by pottier

List of announced WW or WD by reverse chronological order

  • 2021
    • MUSC WW, Helsinki (Finland): Develop a common MUSC cycle (same MASTER), based on cy46t1 export, for the 3 CSC, 29 Nov - 3 December.
    • Autumn Surface Working Week 2021, October 18-22¶, more information on ACCORD wiki dedicated page
    • Joint 2021 LACE Data Assimilation Working Days and ALADIN Data Assimilation basic kit (DAsKIT) Working Days, 22-24 September 2021, remote meeting/Ljubljana, more information
    • EPS on-line meeting on Calibration and user-oriented approaches, 7 Oct 2021, more information on ACCORD wiki EPS dedicated page
    • 1st meeting with LTSR (Local Team Ststem Representative), 20 October 2021, information on system pages on ACCORD wiki
    • Dynamics meeting on 24 June 2021, minutes
    • 1st MQA thematic on-line meeting, 7 June 2021, more information on ACCORD wiki MQA dedicated page
    • Side meeting on dynamics during ASW, 13 April 2022, minutes
    • NWP Surface Working Week by HIRLAM- February 8-12 2021 - on the web: more information on HIRLAM wiki dedicated page