Article published on 20 February 2023
last modification on 1 March 2023

by pottier

The Programme Manager (PM) is the highest executive officer of the management structure of the Consortium (ACCORD MoU, item 99). See the article dedicated to the PM selection.
The Project team is composed of staff provided by Members and Acceding Members to prepare and execute the RWP. It is led by a Management Group. The Management Group is chaired by the PM and has the collective responsibility to plan the work of all staff working for the Consortium and to utilise the available competences in the most efficient way. The MG is responsible for the formulation of the RWP and monitors its execution (deliverables). It also prepares the medium-range strategic plan (MoU, items 104-105).

The Management Group is composed of :

  • the three CSC leaders (Arome, Alaro and Harmonie-Arome), responsible for the continuity and the quality of their CSC
  • an Integration leader (including phasing)
  • a limited number of Area Leaders who are responsible of implementing item 31 and :
    • whenever possible, lead the corresponding area, i.e. define a long term scientific and architectural vision for the modernisation of the code, including normative aspects, increased modularity and interoperability and take full responsibility of the delivery or the corresponding developments,
    • or otherwise, conduct specific actions on CSC interoperability, as decided by the Assembly and for a limited duration.
      Area Leaders are not responsible for the specific implementation of the scientific developments in each CSC, that remains the responsibility of the CSC leaders.

The Project team also includes the positions of Coordinator for Network Activities (CNA), who is the usual contact of the LTMs within the project team and assists the PM and the Integration Leader.

The Support team is composed of staff provided by Members and acceding Members to support the work of the Project team

  • a full-time position of Consortium Scientific Secretary who assists the PM and the Management Group in their duties,
  • a DAsKIT coordinator who assists the PM and the DA area leader in the DAsKIT program (DasKIT program aims to develop and maintain a basic data assimilation kit that allows newcomers or starting members to organize their local data stream and to help them to easily set up a basic data assimilation cycle),
  • each Member shall staff a Local Team Manager function, corresponding to roughly 0.1 FTE, to assure the good liaison between the Member and the project team (see the article dedicated to the LTMs

The ToR for the management and support team positions are defined in the Annex VI of the MoU.

The MG members can be contacted by email (accord_mg mailing list for the MG only, and accord_mg-st mailing list for the MG and the ST) or individually (see the composition of MG and ST).
The MG video-meets every second Friday and on additional dedicated meetings..

ACCORD Management Group photo gallery, on March 2023