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1st ASW, 12-16 April 2021, video-conference
Article published on 8 January 2021
last modification on 25 June 2021

by pottier

A big thank you to the 250 colleagues who joined us for the 1st ACCORD All Staff Workshop, many ACCORD colleagues of course, but also colleagues from ECWMF and the COSMO scientific PM.

The All Staff Workshop does befit its name: many of the 290 ACCORDers (persons who worked on the Rolling Work Plans of the consortium over the last 3 years, representing 125 annual Full Time Equivalent) attended the sessions they were interested in and participated to the exchanges with the speakers and the chairs, including in the chat tool.

The biggest session gathered 180 simultaneous attendees (opening), the others between 130 (Data Assimilation, dynamics, EPS and Meteorological Quality Assurance), 150 (physics, posters introduction), 160 (surface), 170 (code and system development).
During the closing session, the new Area Leaders presented a summary of the session in their area and their plans for the future, with still almost 130 persons connected on this Friday afternoon session.

The speakers, posters’ presenters and chairs have prepared more than 100 documents for 70 talks, 20 posters, 9 sessions and 2 side-meetings.
The sessions have been recorded and the 31 hour video recordings are available. The content of the discussions in the chat have also been kept.
These documents are available below, linked to their relevant item in the agenda.

Agenda and list of participants

The agenda and the list of participants have been updated on 16 April.

The sessions took place on 5 full days 12-16 April 2021 on the same video-room, except for dynamics side-meeting.



Poster introduction introductory slides, (link to video recording, chapter 4).

We do hope that the situation will allow travelling in 2022 and we will be able to meet in Ljubljana at the kind invitation of the Slovenian Environment Agency (ARSO) for the 2nd ACCORD All Staff Workshop on 4-8 April 2022.

The 1st ACCORD ASW will be organised as a video-conference with the sessions on 5 full days 12-16 April 2021: [1].

The sessions will be recorded and the recording will be available through links from this page within 24 hours.

The call for presentations is closed. The registration remains opened until the end of March but presentations are no longer accepted.

The speakers are kindly asked to prepare a 15 minute presentation and send to Patricia the pdf file with their slides before the ASW.
The posters should also be sent to Patricia (pdf format) before the ASW. For those who want to introduce their poster, please fill your slide in the Google slides shared document prepared by Patricia (1 slide per registered poster): the slides will be shown by Patricia and you will be given the floor for a 2 minute introduction of your poster.