CNRM is a joint Météo-France / CNRS research unit dedicated to the study of weather and climate governing processes.


Dernières publications

Daniel M. A. Lemonsu, 2020 : Benefits of explicit urban parametrization in regional climate modelling to study climate and city interactions.

Decharme B., C. Delire, 2019 : Recent Changes in the ISBA-CTRIP Land Surface System for Use in the CNRM-CM6 Climate Model and in Global Off-Line Hydrological Applications.

Drugé T., P. Nabat, M. Mallet et S. Somot, 2020 : Model simulation of ammonium and nitrate aerosols distribution in the Euro-Mediterranean region and their radiative and climatic effects over 1979–2016.

Marquet, P., J. Mahfouf, and D. Holdaway, 2020 : Definition of the Moist-Air Exergy Norm: A Comparison with Existing “Moist Energy Norms”, Mon. Wea. Rev., Vol.148, p.907–928.

Sauvage, C., Lebeaupin Brossier, C., Bouin, M.-N., and Ducrocq, V. 2020 : Characterization of the air–sea exchange mechanisms during a Mediterranean heavy precipitation event using realistic sea state modelling, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 20, 1675–1699.

Saux Picart S., A. Marsouin, G. Legendre, H. Roquet, S. Péré, N. Nano-Ascione and T. Gianelli, 2020 : A Sea Surface Temperature data record (2004–2012) from Meteosat Second Generation satellites, Remote Sensing of Environment, Volume 240, 2020, (...)


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