CNRM is a joint Météo-France / CNRS research unit dedicated to the study of weather and climate governing processes.


Dernières publications

Coopmann, O., Guidard, V., Fourrié, N., Josse, B., and Marécal, V., 2020 : Update of Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer (IASI) channel selection with correlated observation errors for numerical weather prediction (NWP), Atmos. Meas. Tech., 13, 2659–2680. See here

Mede, T., Chambon, G., Nicot, F., & Hagenmuller, P., 2020 : Micromechanical investigation of snow failure under mixed-mode loading. International Journal of Solids and Structures, 199, 95–108. See here.

Note de recherche de Pascal Marquet (GMAP) pour le Blue-Book du WGNE, exemple d’idées théoriques qui vont arriver en opérationnel dans IFS, via des actions entreprises à GMAP/PROC. Voir ici

Delire, C., Séférian, R., Decharme, B., Alkama, R., Calvet, J.‐C., Carrer, D., et al., 2020 : The global land carbon cyclesimulated with ISBA‐CTRIP : Improvements over the last decade.Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 12,e2019MS001886. See here

Allan, R., Barlow, M., Byrne, M. P., Cherchi, A., Douville, H., Fowler, H. J., Gan, T. Y., Pendergrass, A. G., Rosenfeld, D., Swann, A. L. S., Wilcox, L. and Zolina, O., 2020 : Advances in understanding large-scale responses of the water cycle to climate change. (...)


  • TRUSTED Copernicus Project - Review Workshop

    High-resolution sea surface temperature (HRSST) drifting buoys for satellite SST – review workshop

    The European Union’s Copernicus-funded TRUSTED project (Towards Fiducial Reference Measurements of Sea-Surface Temperature by European Drifters) has deployed over 100 state of the art drifting buoys for improved validation of Sea Surface Temperature (SST) from the Sentinel-3 Sea and Land SurfaceTemperature Radiometers (SLSTR). This workshop is an opportunity to discuss the many issues around the topic of high-resolution sea surface temperature (HRSST) measurements including the benefits brought about by such a network, how it compares to other similar initiatives, the impact of metrology, lessons learnt and recommendations for the future.

    The aim of the review workshop is to gather an international independent assessment of HRSST drifting buoys, including those from the TRUSTED project. The meeting shall present and discuss the latest developments on HRSST and theTRUSTED project, satellite SST validation activities and results with HRSST drifting buoys, and data access / availability and quality control. The meeting shall bring together scientific and operational (...)

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  • Direction du CNRM – Appel à candidature

    L’appel à candidature pour le poste de directeur de l’UMR 3589 CNRM et les modalités pour candidater sont ici !