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Visitors in Toulouse in 2000
Article published on 31 December 2000
last modification on 18 September 2008

by Patricia

The above table presents the list of Toulouse visitors in 2000 with the subject of their work, their mentor(s), the dates of their visit. See also the reports of 2000 stays.

AJJAJI RADI MOROCCO 2000/05/17 2000/06/17 Tuning CANARI for data assimilation in ALADIN TAILLEFER
AJJAJI RADI MOROCCO 2000/06/18 2000/07/07 Study of a new observations management (ODB) PUECH
AJJAJI RADI MOROCCO 2000/09/02 2000/10/15 Incremental approach and simplidied physics BOUYSSEL
AJJAJI RADI MOROCCO 2000/11/23 2000/11/30 participation aux AMA GIARD
ALEXANDRU STELUTA ROMANIA 2000/02/15 2000/04/16 Improving orography description (923) GIARD
BALSAMO GIANPAOLO ITALY 2000/09/01 2000/11/30 Coupling a variational assimilation of gridpoint surface fields with a 4d-Var assimilation of upperair spectral fields BOUYSSEL
BELLUS MARTIN SLOVAKIA 2000/09/01 2000/10/15 Improved PBL GELEYN
BELO PEREIRA MARIA MARGARIDA PORTUGAL 2000/10/01 2000/11/30 Diagnostic of the shape of the exchange coefficients used in vertical diffusion GELEYN
BOGATCHEV ANDREY BULGARIA 2000/04/01 2000/05/16 Comparison of snow cover parametrizations BAZILE
BOGATCHEV ANDREY BULGARIA 2000/11/02 2000/12/31 Snow parametrization BAZILE
BOUTAHAR JAOUAD MOROCCO 2000/02/14 2000/04/01 New horizontal interpolations in Full-Pos EL KHATIB
BROZKOVA RADMILA CZECH REP 2000/03/06 2000/05/01 High resolution tests - Jb stretched BROZKOVA
BROZKOVA RADMILA CZECH REP 2000/11/01 2000/12/31 Phasing FISCHER
DZIEDZIC ADAM POLAND 2000/04/22 2000/07/01 3DVar problems FISCHER
DZIEDZIC ADAM POLAND 2000/11/24 2000/12/01 participation aux AMA GIARD
EL ABED MEHDI MOROCCO 2000/02/13 2000/04/01 Test of a new parametrization for the evaporation over sea BAZILE
GAYTANDJIEVA LORA BULGARIA 2000/02/16 2000/03/31 Snow cover analysis GERARD
GAYTANDJIEVA LORA BULGARIA 2000/09/18 2000/11/18 Snow cover analysis GERARD
GOSPODINOV ILIAN BULGARIA 1999/12/16 2000/06/16 PhD: Conservation properties of a two-time-level semi-implicit SL scheme in a framework of a LAM FISCHER
GOSPODINOV ILIAN BULGARIA 2000/09/18 2000/10/16 Phasing FISCHER
GOSPODINOV ILIAN BULGARIA 2000/10/16 2000/12/15 PhD: Conservation properties of a two-time-level semi-implicit SL scheme in a framework of a LAM FISCHER
HORANYI ANDRAS HUNGARY 2000/10/02 2000/10/13 3D-Var FISCHER
HUTHOVA ZUZANA CZECH REP 2000/03/31 2000/04/29 Statistical adaptation VENZAC
IVANOVICI VLADIMIR ROMANIA 2000/10/01 2000/10/31 Incremental DFI in ALADIN GIARD
IVATEK-SAHDAN STJEPAN CROATIA 2000/10/01 2000/11/30 Harmonization of I/O in ARPEGE/ALADIN EL KHATIB
JIDANE MOHAMED MOROCCO 2000/04/16 2000/05/31 Testing higher resolution vegetation data over Morocco GIARD
KERTESZ SANDOR HUNGARY 2000/02/14 2000/04/14 Parametrization of lakes BAZILE
KOS IGOR CROATIA 2000/09/17 2000/11/01 Soil moisture climatology GIARD
KOZELJ METOD SLOVENIA 2000/10/17 2000/11/16 Renewal of the ALADIN web site POTTIER
LATINNE OLIVIER BELGIUM 2000/09/04 2000/10/18 Validation of new data bases GIARD
LATINNE OLIVIER BELGIUM 2000/10/19 2000/11/02 Validation of new data bases GIARD
MASEK JAN SLOVAKIA 2000/03/14 2000/04/29 Phasing (model) FISCHER
MERKOVA DAGMAR CZECH REP 2000/11/29 2000/12/24 Case study floods 1997 with CYCORA bis GIARD
MLADEK RICHARD CZECH REP 2000/08/24 2000/09/08 ALADIN climat GIARD
MLADEK RICHARD CZECH REP 2000/10/15 2000/11/30 Phasing FISCHER
MOUDDEN YOUSSEF MOROCCO 2000/01/02 2000/06/30 New thermodynamics GELEYN
NOMERANGE PHILIPPE BELGIUM 2000/09/04 2000/10/18 Lift parametrizations GELEYN
OWCARZ WITOLD POLAND 2000/02/12 2000/04/14 PBL post-processing EL KHATIB
RADNOTI GABOR HUNGARY 2000/01/16 2000/02/16 Phasing FISCHER
RADNOTI GABOR HUNGARY 2000/10/23 2000/11/04 Diagpack BOUYSSEL
RANDRIAMAMPIANINA ROGER HUNGARY 2000/04/01 2000/06/25 Improvement if the radiation schema GELEYN
SADIKI WAFAA MOROCCO 2000/04/16 2000/06/16 Jo tuning in the variational analysis FISCHER
SADIKI WAFAA MOROCCO 2000/09/02 2000/12/02 Jo tuning in the variational analysis FISCHER
SBII SIHAM MOROCCO 2000/10/16 2000/12/16 Improvment of low level cloudiness PIRIOU
SMOLIKOVA PETRA CZECH REP 2000/02/25 2000/04/01 New continuity equation and orographic resonance BENARD
SOCI CORNEL ROMANIA 2000/01/31 2000/04/01 Impact of LBC conditions in sensibility studies FISCHER
SOCI CORNEL ROMANIA 2000/04/01 2000/05/13 Phasing (assimilation) FISCHER
SOCI CORNEL ROMANIA 2000/07/01 2000/12/15 Sensitivity studies using a limited-area model and its adjoint for the mesoscale range FISCHER
SOUSA DA COSTA VANDA PORTUGAL 2000/10/01 2000/11/30 Evaluation of the latest developments in Full-Pos EL KHATIB
SPANIEL OLDRICH SLOVAKIA 2000/11/01 2000/11/30 Optimization of the distributed memory version of ALADIN on workstation AUDOIN
SPIRIDONOV VALERY BULGARIA 2000/03/01 2000/04/30 Conservation properties of a two-time-level semi-implicit SL scheme in a framework of a LAM BENARD
SPIRIDONOV VALERY BULGARIA 2000/10/02 2000/12/30 Snow parametrization BAZILE
SZABO TAMAS HUNGARY 2000/02/14 2000/04/14 Stability problems in NHSL BENARD
SZCZECH MALGORZATA POLAND 2000/02/12 2000/04/14 Ozone GIARD
SZCZECH MALGORZATA POLAND 2000/09/17 2000/10/15 Phasing FISCHER
SZCZECH MALGORZATA POLAND 2000/10/16 2000/12/15 Ozone GIARD
TERMONIA PIET BELGIUM 2000/12/10 2000/12/17 Coupling problems in ALADIN GELEYN
VANA FILIP CZECH REP 2000/01/21 2000/03/24 PhD: The dynamical and physical control of kinetic energy spectra in a NWP spectral SL model BENARD
VIVODA JOZEF SLOVAKIA 2000/03/14 2000/04/29 Phasing (model) FISCHER
WANG YONG AUSTRIA 2000/10/16 2000/11/30 Phasing FISCHER
ZAABOUL RASHYD MOROCCO 2000/11/01 2000/12/16 Climatology of soil moisture BOUYSSEL
ZAGAR MARK SLOVENIA 2000/03/14 2000/04/29 Phasing (model) FISCHER
ZITOUNI MERIEM CROATIA 2000/05/01 2000/06/30 Phasing (assimilation) FISCHER