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Article published on 9 May 2022
The ALADIN website is frozen since the beginning of 2021. Updated information is to be found on the ACCORD website:
Article published on 10 February 2022
The information below is NOT updated. Please consult: For a personal connection to PARME or a team access to IAA (BDPE, BDAP, BDM or (…)
Article published on 22 April 2021
26 March 2021 video-conference See the summary report; the main topics of this video-conference were: ‘Tour de Table’: status & progress of local implementations Recent news from the (…)
Article published on 26 February 2021
We do hope that the situation will allow travelling in 2022 and we will be able to meet in Ljubljana at the kind invitation of the Slovenian Environment Agency (ARSO) for the 2nd ACCORD All Staff (…)
Article published on 9 December 2020