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PhD Thesis completed in the framework of the ALADIN project (besides ALATNET and RFR)
Article published on 16 December 2018
last modification on 26 May 2020

by Patricia

PhD Thesis completed in the framework of the ALADIN project (excepted those on RFR or ALATNET supports)

Name Title of the thesis Date of defense University
Vanja BLAZICA Divergence in limited area models for numerical weather prediction 27 September 2013, Ljubljana (Slovenia) Ljubljana University
Vanja PhD defence
Ivan BASTAK DURAN Turbulent scheme eTKE September 4, 2009, Bratislava (Slovakia) Comenius University, Bratislava
Julie BERCKMANS Modelling land-atmosphere interactions: Impact of near future land use and climate change over Western Europ March 22, 2018, Antwerp (Belgium) University of Antwerp
Julie Berckmans
Loïk BERRE Representation of forecast error spatial covariances for a variational assimilation in an atmospheric limited area model April 19, 2001, Toulouse (France) Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse
Gergely BOLONI Background Error Estimation in an Atmospheric Limited Area Model September 7, 2012, Budapest (Hungary) Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Science
the graduation ceremony
François BOUYSSEL Variational analysis of surface parameters in meteorological model June 29, 2001, Toulouse (France) Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse
Steven CALUWAERTS Horizontal spatial discretization modularity within the spectral semi-implicit semi-Lagrangian ALADIN framework April 18, 2016, Ghent (Belgium) Ghent University, Department of Mathematical Physics and Astronomy
Bart CATRY Effects of moisture and mountains in Numerical Weather Prediction May 22, 2006, Ghent (Belgium) Ghent University, Department of Mathematical Physics and Astronomy
Rozemien DE TROCH The application of the ALARO-0 model for regional climate modeling in Belgium: extreme precipitation and unfavorable conditions for the dispersion of air pollutants under present and future climate conditions (full text) May 9, 2016, Ghent (Belgium) University of Ghent, department of Physics and Astronomy
Maria DERKOVA Algorithmic tools for mesoscale data assimilation in the limited area model February 27, 2009, Bratislava (Slovakia) Comenius University, Bratislava
Annelies DUERINCKX The potential of an Extended Kalman Filter for Soil Analysis in conjunction with a 3D-var system in a Limited Area NWP Model December 2015, Gent (Belgium) University Gent, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy
Jury at Annelies defense
Rachida EL OUARAINI Sensibilité des assimilations d’ensemble globales et régionales aux conditions initiales et aux conditions limites latérales Sensitivity of global and regional ensemble assimilation to initial conditions and lateral boundary conditions April 16, 2016, Casablanca (Morocco) Cotutelle Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse Université Hassan II - Casablanca
Luc GERARD Physical parameterization for a high resolution operational Numerical Weather Prediction model August 31, 2001, Bruxelles (Belgium) Brussels Free University
Edit Hà GEL Development and operational application of a short-range ensemble prediction system based on the ALADIN limited area model 29/01/2010 Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest
Martin IMRIŠEK Monitoring of atmospheric water vapour variability in multi–GNSS constellation January 28, 2020, Bratislava, Slovakia Dept. of Theoretical Geodesy of the Slovak University of Technology
Jan MASEK Broadband radiation scheme fully interacting with clouds December 13, 2017, Prague, Czech Rep. Charles University, Prague
Maria MONTEIRO Diagnosis and impact of time variations of regionally averaged background error covariances May 3, 2012, Lisbon (Portugal) Lisbon University
At Maria Monteiro’s defense
Mohamed MOKHTARI Amélioration de la prise en compte des aérosols terrigènes dans les modèles atmosphériques àmoyenne échelle December 20, 2012, Toulouse (France) Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse
J-P Chaboureau, C. Fischer, M. Mokhtari and B. Hamadache (from right to left); P. Tulet (behind)
Richard MLADEK Study of indirect influence of orographic obstacles in numerical weather prediction models September 29, 2004, Prague (Czech Rep.) Charles university
Jean-Marcel PIRIOU Representation de la convection dans les modeles globaux et regionaux: concepts, equations, etudes de cas September 29, 2006, Toulouse (France) Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse
Wafaa SADIKI A posteriori verification of analysis and assimilation algorithms and study of the statistical properties of the adjoint solutions April 7, 2005, Toulouse (France) Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse
Benedikt STRAJNAR Four-dimensional data assimilation of aircraft observations of the atmosphere in complex terrain November 13, 2015, Ljubljana (Slovenia) Ljubljana University
Martina TUDOR Improvements in the operational forecast of detrimental weather conditions in the numerical limited area model ALADIN December 10, 2018, Zagreb (Croatia) University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science

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