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Joint 27th ALADIN Workshop & HIRLAM All Staff Meeting 2017, 3-7/04/2017, Helsinki, Finland
Article published on 6 March 2017
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by Patricia
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The joint 27th ALADIN Wk & HIRLAM ASM 2017 will be held on the premises of the Finnish Meteorological Institute in Helsinki (see How to find FMI) during the first week of April 2017 :

  • 3-6 April :joint Wk& ASM,
  • 7 April : HMG/CSSI meeting.

Some side meetings will also take place during that week, as well as the usual ALADIN LTM meeting.

For accommodation, please consult the instructions for booking hotels (this material was prepared by FMI planner Heidi Aaltonen, heidi.aaltonen"at"

it is still possible to register to the Wk/ASM, including your proposal for poster before 24 March 2017. No additional presentations can be added to the agenda.

 Provisional agenda and list of participants, as of 17/03/2017

 Instructions for real time video streaming (to be added later)


  • Plenary opening session
    • Opening address : Yrjö Viisanen (FMI Head of Research)
    • Recent HIRLAM highlights : Jeanette Onvlee
    • ALADIN status overview : Piet Termonia
    • Status of the EUMETNET C-SRNWP project : Balazs Szintai
  • Plenary session 1: Data Assimilation
    • Progress and plans of global data assimilation at MF : Claude Fischer
    • Data assimilation with AROME-France : Pierre Brousseau
    • HIRLAM atmospheric data assimilation : Roger Randriamampianina
    • The latest data assimilation activities in LACE countries : Mate Mile
    • Appropriate Bmatrix for BlendVar : Antonin Bucanek
    • OOPS developments at ECMWF : Roel Stappers
    • Tests on cloud initialisation with AROME over Austria and Germany : Florian Meier
    • Cloud (NWCSAF) assimilation in Harmonie : Erik Gregow
    • Assimilation of ATOVS and GNSS ZTD observations in Aemet : Jana Sanchez Arriola
    • Assimilation of GNSS ZTD from the NGAA processing centre : Martin Ridal
    • An update on observation processing : Eoin Whelan
    • General discussion
  • Plenary session 2 : Dynamics
    • The dynamics core program : Steven Caluwaerts
    • Current Research and Developpment in dynamics at Meteo-France : Ludovic Auger
    • LACE news in dynamics : Petra Smolikova
    • Local semi-implicit scheme : Filip Vana
    • General discussion
  • Plenary session 3: Physics
    • Progress and plans in the ARPEGE and AROME models physics : Francois Bouyssel
    • ALARO status overview : Neva Pristov
    • Cloud and convection in Alaro-1 : Luc Gerard
    • Convective Precipitation in HARMONIE-AROME : Lisa Bengtsson
    • Current development of the cloud microphysics within MetCoOp : Karl-Ivar Ivarsson
    • 1D and 3D evaluation of several options for PBL schemes with a focus on low cloud : Eric Bazile
    • Experiences with sub-km HARMONIE-AROME : Xiaohua Yang
    • Comparison of HIRLAM radiation fluxes to surface observations : Laura Rontu
    • General discussion
  • Plenary session 4: Quality, User and climate aspects
    • HARP news : Christoph Zingerle
    • Status on Verification and Quality Assurance in HIRLAM-C : Bent Sass
    • Operational HARMONIE-AROME issues (clouds and precipitation) : Sander Tijm
    • High-resolution operational ALADIN System for forecasting meteotsunamis : Martina Tudor
    • The Reanalyses and Data produced in UERRA : Per Unden
    • Studying the local microclimate in Gent. : Steven Caluwaerts
    • Met Eireann 35-year regional reanalysis : Emily Gleeson
    • HARMONIE climate simulations at 2.5 km over the Norwegian main land : Andreas Dobler
    • General discussion
  • Plenary session 5: Surface
    • Overview of HIRLAM surface progress and plans : Patrick Samuelsson
    • Preliminary tests of the CMC ALARO-1 coupled to SURFEX-8 using CY43T2 over Belgium : Rafiq Hamdi
    • FLake in Harmonie : Ekaterina Kurzeneva
    • Lake Surface Water Temperature autocorrelation functions : Margarita Choulga
    • Impact of the Sea Surface Temperature in operational forecast using ALADIN System : Martina Tudor
    • Using wave forecast model to estimate the accuracy of surface wind fields in the Baltic Sea : Laura Tuomi
    • General discussion
  • Plenary session 6: System and Scalability issues
    • System status: about IFS cycles, about OOPS : Claude Fischer
    • Harmonie-Arome system: Status and future : Daniel Santos Munoz
    • LAM features in the ATLAS framework : Daan Degrauwe
    • Single precision IFS : Filip Vana
    • ESCAPE status on ACRANEB2: Code efficiency tests : Bent Hansen Sass
    • Recent progress on the ACRANEB2 dwarf from the ESCAPE project : Per Berg
    • General discussion
  • Plenary session 7: EPS
    • Developments on HarmonEPS and GLAMEPS : Inger-Lise Frogner
    • LAM-EPS activities in LACE : Martin Bellus
    • Experiences and challenges with MetCOoP EPS : Ulf Andrae
    • RMI-EPS: a prototype convection-permitting EPS for Belgium : Geert Smet
    • Stochastic perturbation of partial tendencies in AROME : Clemens Wastl
    • Surface perturbations in HarmonEPS : Andrew Singleton
    • The growth of ensemble spread in mesoscale NWP model due to LB and IC perturbations : Jure Cedilnik
    • General discussion
  • Plenary closing session

 Working groups and side meetings

  • WG on Recent upper-air DA issues (Roger Randriamampianina)
  • Surface side meeting on Surface processes and data assimilation (Patrick Samuelsson)
  • WG on clouds, radiation and aerosol (Laura Rontu)
  • WG on System
  • Verification/HARP side meeting (Bent Hansen Sass, Christoph Zingerle)


  • Abdenour Ambar : Desert dusts modeling in AROME: Contribution of physical parameterizations at convective scale
  • Florian Meier : National poster Austria
  • Alex Deckmyn : National poster Belgium
  • Boryana Tsenova : News in numerical weather prediction in Bulgaria
  • Rilka Valcheva : The Impact of Climate Change (until 2050) on the potential of renewable energy sources (wind and solar radiation) for the territory of Bulgaria
  • Tomislav Kovacic : ALARO at 4 km forecast post processing using Kalman filter.
  • Iris Odak Plenkovic : Probabilistic Wind Speed Predictions with an Analog Ensemble
  • Martina Tudor : ALADIN in Croatia
  • Kristian Pagh Nielsen : ESCAPE: Optimizing physics subroutines for multithreaded
  • Bin Cheng : Sea ice mass balance in the Arctic Ocean
  • Erik Gregow : Cloud (NWCSAF) assimilation in Harmonie (Note: In case of no oral presentation)
  • Markku Kangas : Mast Verification
  • Patricia Pottier : the NWP systems at Meteo-France
  • Viktoria Homonnai : Low cloud experiments with AROME over Hungary
  • Balazs Szintai : NWP at the Hungarian Meteorological Service
  • Emily Gleeson : Poster on radiation work
  • Eoin Whelan : Operational poster for Ireland
  • Zahra Sahlaoui : 3DVAR assimilation in AROME Morocco
  • Yurii Batrak : Sea ice mass balance in the Arctic Ocean
  • Roger Randriamampianina : Impact of Atmospheric Motion Vectors on NWP over high-latitudes and the Arctic
  • Bogdan Bochenek : Polish national poster
  • Raluca Iordache : ALADIN activities in Romania
  • Maria Derkova : ALADIN related activities @SHMU
  • Benedikt Strajnar : ALADIN in Slovenia 2017
  • Javier Calvo : AEMET operational suit: HARMONIE Regular Cycle of Reference for cycle 40
  • Angeles Hernandez : Assimilation of Atmospheric Motion Vectors in AEMET
  • Daniel Martin : tbd (about visibility and clouds in the model)
  • Klaus Zimmermann : OBSMON: New Developments for UERRA and HARMONIE
  • Zied Sassi : ALADIN Related Activities in Tunisia
  • Guser Alper : NWP Related Activities in Turkey
Downloads Files to download:
  • Agenda 27th ALADIN Workshop & HIRLAM All Staff Meeting 2017
  • 133.3 kb / PDF
  • Instructions for hotel reservations during the Wk/ASM in Helsinki
  • 123.8 kb / PDF
  • Participants 27th ALADIN Workshop & HIRLAM All Staff Meeting 2017
  • 56.7 kb / PDF

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