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The 7th Assembly of ALADIN Partners, Bucarest, 28 th of October 2002
Article published on 22 November 2002
last modification on 22 September 2008

by Patricia

The 7th assembly of ALADIN partners was held in Bucharest, Romania, on the 28th of October, 2002 :

  • agreement concerning the use of the ALADIN model in climate mode for scientific purposes (climate simulations), by the International Arctic Research Center (IARC) of the University of Alaska in Fairbanks, Alaska (USA);
  • agreement on the cooperation with African countries, with Morocco as main intermediate (see hereafter);
  • problems with ODB (lack of documentation and support) underlined once more;
  • idem for the subcritical size of some ALADIN teams, the need for more publications and documentation, etc;
  • presentation by Jure Jerman of the "Prototype for common objective verification at synoptic scales". No agreement was found on the problems of financial and technical support to the Slovenian team, so it was suggested to continue the prototype development and present both the results and a detailed documentation including the foreseen economical efforts next time;
  • presentation of some opportunities within the 6th Framework Program of the European Union;
  • creation of a "rotating foreign bureau" hosted by the last organizer of the Assembly of Partners, starting with Romania. This committee will monitor the MoU modifications required by the cooperation of the ALADIN Consortium with ACMAD (see hereafter);
  • no volunteer to host the next ALADIN workshop.
  • Next assemblies : Cracow, end of October 2003; Croatia in 2004.

Please consult the Minutes of the 7th Assembly for more details.

7th Assembly Minutes