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The mailing lists around ALADIN
Article published on 11 September 2008
last modification on 10 February 2022

by Patricia

The information below is NOT updated. Please consult:

In a fight against spam, the e-mail addresses and lists given on the aladin website have been mutilated. One could easily deduce the proper addresses from the given ones.

 The public lists

  • a general list to contact ALADIN staff It can be used for exchange of general interest about ALADIN project. It contains addresses of ALADINers at home.
  • the list contains the list of the ALADIN international Toulouse team : this very variable list (updated at the arrival or the departure of every visitors) permits to contact all visitors in GMAP,
  • the list for discussions around ALADIN NWP System and code maintenance (including HIRLAM system experts) : ,
  • a list about the exchange of applications in the ALADIN’s world:

 The "private"" lists : i.e. the subscription is allowed only after the agreement of the administrator.

  • a list to keep in touch with one correspondent team for operational questions in each country:
  • : a list of system experts, i.e. ALADIN and HIRLAM contact points for exchange of informations about evolutions of IFS/ARPEGE/ALADIN/ALARO/AROME/HIRALD codes, cycles, phasing, technical documentations
  • a list with correspondents for verification questions : .

 Subscribing to/Removing from a mailing list

  • For subscribing to the above mentioned public lists, please send an e-mail to with the following text in the body of the e-mail :
  • The SYMPA tool offers many possibilities (see for more details).You can also check in what lists you have already subscribed (or you have already been subscribed) with the command "which" in the body of the e-mail. For example :

one will know the lists he/she has previously subscribed and he/she will ask to be part of the aladin2 list.

If you ever want to remove yourself from one of the mailing lists, you can send mail to with the following command in the body of your email message:

For a public list, the owner of the list is told about any subscription or unsubscription.

For a "private" list, the owner of the list is asked to give (or not) his agreement to each subscription.