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Joint 20th ALADIN Workshop & HIRLAM ASM 2010, 13-16 April, 2010, Cracow, Poland
Article published on 26 April 2010
last modification on 11 October 2010

by Patricia

The IMGW of Poland hosted the 20th ALADIN workshop / HIRLAM All-Staff Meeting April 13-16 [1], 2010 in Novotel Kraków Centrum in Cracow (for local details, please consult the local organisers website).

Volcanic ash emission
National mourning

The meeting course was slightly modified due to the one week national mourning declared in Poland. On Friday, the plenary closing session and the HMG/CSSI wrap-up meeting were shortened to give the participants time to find a solution to reach their home : due to the eruptions from Eyjafjallajökull Icelandic volcano, Krakow airspace and many other European airspaces were closed. Thus, the travel back home by train, bus, boat, rented car, taxi, ... took days for some participants.

 Final agenda with list of participants, updated on Friday 16, 2010

 On-line presentations during the ALADIN/HIRLAM workshop