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The 1st Assembly of ALADIN Partners, Paris, November 25th, 1996
Article published on 22 September 2001
last modification on 22 September 2008

by Patricia

On the occasion of the first Assembly of Partners, the Memorandum of Understanding was signed by eleven directors of National (Hydro)Meteorological Services (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia)) in the presence of the Secretary-General of WMO and the French Ministry of Transports.

It fixes the frame of evolution of the ALADIN international co-operation. It first recalls the current principles guiding research, development and maintenance of ALADIN. Then, it intends to precise the conditions of use of the ALADIN software. Conditions of membership to the ALADIN Project are then defined.

On the occasion of this Assembly, a brochure was prepared by the ALADIN international team at that time in Toulouse: this document summarizes the progress report of the ALADIN project as presented at this Assembly.

Minutes of the Assembly :

  • Report of the First Meeting of the Assembly of ALADIN Partners
  • Annex 1 : Agenda of the Meeting
  • Annex 2 : Introductory Speech
  • Annex 3 : French Minister’s Statement
  • Annex 4 : WMO Secretary-General Statement
  • Annex 5 : Memorandum of Understanding (25/11/97 version)
1st Assembly Minutes