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A-L-H Strategy meeting, Toulouse, 3-4 February 2020
Article published on 29 November 2019
last modification on 24 March 2020

by Patricia

One of the elements of the preparations for the merge between HIRLAM and ALADIN will be to establish a common set of strategic objectives for the new ALADIN-LACE-HIRLAM consortium. These strategic objectives will be of two kinds: R&D objectives, and an organizational objective: how to achieve a more effective cooperation between members, in particular members which presently work on different CSC’s. Concerning the latter: two elements which, in the view of the PM’s, should facilitate direct and effective cooperation in the future are believed to be: an increased modularity and interoperability of schemes across CSC’s, and a more common working environment. The definition of what exactly is entailed in increased interoperability and common working environment is something that will need to be elaborated. A clear view should be obtained of the precise objectives to be achieved, their relative importance, and the resources required to achieve them.

A strategy meeting was held on February 3-4 in Toulouse for defining the strategic objectives for 2021-2025, and identifying the activities and resources needed to achieve them. The goals of this meeting will be to agree on common key objectives for the next five years:

  1. for the usual scientific areas as described in the Rolling Work Plan: data assimilation, dynamics, model parametrizations, surface, EPS, quality assurance and system
  2. the key actions needed to achieve greater interoperability between CSC’s and a more common working environment
  3. the possibilities and challenges arising from new technologies: computational science aspects, optimization of code/algorithms, performance and scalability on a variety of HPC architectures, possibilities from machine learning, the handling of increasingly large data volumes, etc.

The participants in the Strategy meeting are scientific experts and current members of the ALADIN, HIRLAM and LACE management teams and the Convergence Working group, with a few additional experts in specific areas.

Agenda and list of participants

  • Monday 3 February 2020
    • 09:00: Introduction (Piet Termonia)
    • 09:15: Dynamics (TTL report: Ludovic Auger)
    • 11:00: Physics (TTL report: Daan Degrauwe)
    • 13:30: Surface, model part (TTL report: Patrick Samuelsson)
    • 15:15: EPS (TTL report: Inger-Lise Frogner)
    • 17:00: Assimilation (TTL report: Benedikt Strajnar)
  • Tuesday 4 February 2020
    • 08:45: Quality Assurance (TTL report: Christoph Zingerle)
    • 10:30: System (TTL report: Alexandre Mary)
    • 13:30: IFS code evolutions planed at ECMWF (Alain Joly)
    • 14:00: Discussion/conclusions/ transversal issues
    • 18:00: end of meeting
  • Wednesday 5 February 2020 : meeting of the Convergence Working Group : summary of the discussion : bullets format

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