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Article published on 14 June 2011
last modification on 23 September 2013

by Patricia

This new aladin website has been developed with SPIP , a publishing system for the Internet.

SPIP consists of a bundle of files allowing to take advantage of a number of automated tasks: multi-user management, laying out articles without the need to use HTML, easily modifying the structure of the site. SPIP is a free software distributed under the General Public License (GPL). SPIP completely separates and distributes three kinds of tasks over various players: the graphic design, the site editorial input through the submission of articles and news items and the site editorial management (which includes organizing sections and validating articles submission). The templates follow the W3C standards and accessibility guidelines closely. For better accessibility, the SPIP forms render easily using CSS. The syndication feed templates (backend) are in RSS 2.0 format.

The graphic design of this third SPIP version of is based on Escal templates (on September 23, 2013) with the SPIP 3.0 version.