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PhD Thesis completed in the framework of the ALADIN project on RFR support
Article published on 18 September 2003
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by Patricia
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PhD Thesis completed in the framework of the ALADIN project on RFR support

Name Title of the thesis Date of defense University
Doina BANCIU (Romania) Specific Small Scale Diabatic Forcing in ALADIN at the Limit of the Hydrostatic Assumption February 26, 2001, Bucarest (Romania) Romanian thesis: University of Bucarest
Radmila BUBNOVA (Czech. Rep.) Use of the Hydrostatic Pressure Coordinate for Integration of the Elastic Model of the Atmospheric Dynamics in the Framework of the Numerical Weather Prediction System ARPEGE/ALADIN April 25, 1995, Prague (Czech. Rep.) joint thesis: Charles University (Prague) & Université Paul Sabatier (Toulouse)
Mihaela CAIAN (Romania) Variable Mesh or Limited Area Model: Which Solution to Choose for the Forecast on the Fine Scale ? November 23, 1996, Toulouse (France) French thesis: Université Paul Sabatier (Toulouse)
Elena CORDONEANU (Romania) Study of the Thermal Circulations above the Carpathian-Black Sea Area by Using the Model ALADIN September 29, 1995 Bucarest (Romania) Romanian thesis: University of Bucarest
Ilian GOSPODINOV (Bulgaria) Two-time-level semi-Lagrangian method for atmospheric models: Enhanced conservation and stability December 7, 2000, Toulouse (France) French thesis: Université Paul Sabatier (Toulouse)
Andras HORANYI (Hungary) Sensitivity Studies of frontal waves using the adjoint method November 12, 1996 Budapest (Hungary) Hungarian thesis: Eötvös Lorand University (Budapest)
Marta JANISKOVA (Slovakia) Realization of a Simplified Physical Parametrization for Incremental Four-dimensional Data Assimilation November 9, 1998, Bratislava (Slovakia) joint thesis: Sciences Academy (Bratislava) & Université Paul Sabatier (Toulouse)
Filip VANA (Czech Rep.) The Dynamical and Physical Control of Kinetic Energy Spectra in a NWP Spectral semi-Lagrangian Model September 30, 2003, Praha (Czech Republic) Czech thesis: Charles University (Prague)
Mark ZAGAR (Slovenia) Forecasting of the High Resolution Wind and Precipitations with Dynamic Adaptation January 25th, 2000, Ljubljana (Slovenia) joint thesis: University of Ljubljana & Université Paul Sabatier (Toulouse)
Downloads Files to download:
  • Andras HORANYI
  • 69.3 kb / PDF
  • Doina BANCIU
  • 534 kb / PDF
  • 74.2 kb / PDF
  • Filip VANA
  • 188.7 kb / PDF
  • 126.7 kb / PDF
  • Mark ZAGAR
  • 699.4 kb / PDF
  • 66.9 kb / PDF
  • Mihaela CAIAN
  • 68.8 kb / PDF
  • 78.4 kb / PDF

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