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Article published on 12 January 2011
last modification on 5 May 2017

by Patricia
  • ALADIN is a consortium of the European SRNWP Network
    SRNWP Consortia in Europe in 2017

  • Informations about the other consortia could be found on SRNWP webpages or on the websites of each consortium :
    • COSMO,
    • UKMO,
    • SEECOP
    • HIRLAM : ALADIN had a research cooperation with HIRLAM for years; an enhanced cooperation started in 2004 and a Cooperation Agreement between the ALADIN consortium and the HIRLAM consortium was first signed on December 6, 2005 and renewed on December 1st, 2010: the respective strengths and weaknesses of both consortia complement each other well and, in the recent years, in the so-called "HARMONIE" ( Hirlam Aladin Research on Meso-scale Operational NWP in Euromed) dynamics, ALADIN and HIRLAM have collaborated more and more closely, giving a new impulse to the European structuring of NWP activities.
    • LACE : ALADIN has strong links with LACE, LACE being a grouping of ALADIN members, using aladin software : first operational ALADIN-LACE model was run in Toulouse where the LACE management group was hosted (1994); in 1998, the LACE operations were transfered to Prague Regional Center; from 2003, each RC LACE Member is responsible for its own operational NWP system, but scientific research and development is co-ordinated within the LACE project.
  • ALADIN is linked to ECMWF through the software protection agreement between ECMWF and Meteo-France first signed on 19/02/1999, amended in 2006 and in 2016 (when it was annexed to the ALADIN-HIRLAM cooperation agreement).