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26th ALADIn GA and 7th joint ALADIM GA - HIRLAM C, 26-27 November 2020
Article published on 23 June 2020
last modification on 25 September 2020

by Patricia

The next meetings of the ALADIN and HIRLAM Directors should have taken place in Toulouse, after the EUMETNET & ECOMET Councils. All these meetings have been transformed into video-conferences.
The schedule agreed during the June meetings is kept:

  • Thursday 26 November morning: 26th ALADIN GA in parallel with the UWC C
  • Thursday 26 November afternoon: LACE and HIRLAM Councils in parallel
  • Friday 27 November morning: 7th joint ALADIN GA – HIRLAM C meeting
  • signature of the MoU of the new ALH Consortium
  • Friday 27 November afternoon: first Assembly of the Consortium.