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Export version of Cycle 40T1, new version on April 24, 2017
Article published on 2 May 2017
last modification on 19 July 2018

by Patricia

A new version of the CY40T1 export codes was released on April 24, 2017.

This version includes a number of fixes + Alaro-v1b changes. The companion PDF file describes the set of technical code changes that have entered the MF GIT repository while building this new source code version. The former, first export branch was based on CY40T1_bf.05 (see the article). The new version of based on CY40T1_bf.07.

On the side of the Alaro CMC, a specific documentation about v1b has been written. See also the set of two namelists for Alaro v1a and v1b.

On the side of the Arome CMC, apart from code fixes, this export version has been validated for Arome-France 3D-VAR and was found bit-reproducible with respect to the previous version (including all operational types of observations, and tested for one network).
The Aladin forecast model configuration also basically is not changed.

For the local installation, it is very highly recommended a FULL installation of the code, not an incremental one (w/r to the first export). Indeed, several changes affect modules and codes that possibly create compile dependencies. Therefore, it seems much safer to install the full new version in one go.

For this purpose, the full source code is available in the tar-package available on "hendrix": martinezs/pub/src/arp/cy40/cy40t1_bf.07.tar.gz

Namelists and const files for Arome-France are kept unchanged w/r to the previous version. For reminder, they can be found at: /home/martinezs/pub/export/cy40t1_bf.05 (see details).

const: MF files based on CY40_op2
-rw-r--r-- 1 martinezs marp  95390694 26 juin  09:13 arome.tgz
-rw-r--r-- 1 martinezs marp 643210091 26 juin  09:14 arpege.tgz

const: files associated with the full Arome 3D-VAR assimilation test run in GMAP (CY40T1_bf)

beaufix:   /home/gmap/mrpe/marya/export/40t1/const_valid.tar.gz

drwxr-xr-x 2 martinezs marp 512 26 juin  09:03 alaro
drwxr-xr-x 2 martinezs marp 512 26 juin  09:03 arome

Companion note for (second)CY40T1 export version 76.3 KiB / PDF