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Graphics of the participation in the ALADIN project at the MoU5 signature (End of 2015)
Article published on 2 December 2015
last modification on 7 December 2017

by Patricia

Statistics about the manpower involved in ALADIN are regularly produced thanks to the ALADIN work accounting realized by the LTM (ALADIN correspondents) following the rules defined in the MoU.

The statistics below were prepared at the end of MoU4, for the 20th General Assembly and the MoU5 signature.

 Breakdown of the manpower at the end of June 2015 and during Mo4

All Partners significantly contributed to the manpower, even if the accumulated data since 1991 may give a distorted view for the last countries to join ALADIN.

Person.month cumulated since 1991
Person.month during MoU4

 Manpower changes during time

The accumulated manpower investment since the start of ALADIN in 1991 is equivalent to 51.4 FTE (about 89 FTE during MoU4 years), with more work being done by "key" persons, working mostly full-time on ALADIN

Evolution of the quartely manpower
Effort, FTE and mean partial time


82% of the total manpower invested in ALADIN since 1991 was realized by permanent staffs in their NMSs, the mobility showing a long-term decrease (with more increased possibilities for virtual mobility, through tele- web- or video- conferencing).
Whereas historically strong exchanges within LACE contries or on a bilateral basis between some flat-rate Partners and Meteo-France exist, the flat-rate mechanism does facilitate the scientific visits involving flat-rate Partners

Stay versus home work in the total ALADIN effort
Mobility when versus before the FR mechanism
Part of the mobility funded by FR mechanism

 Manpower evolution of Partners or Components of the consortia

Since 1991, the manpower was done at 36% by LACE, 35% by Meteo-France and 29% by the flat-rate Partners, with differences in this breakdown according to the MoUs periods. The investment by each Partner is also changing depending on the evolution of the local staffs dedicated to ALADIN

MF, LACE and FR partners manpower
Evolution of Partners manpower during MoUs

 Type of work at the end of June 2015

Since July 2001, the ALADIN effort is split in 3 categories (direct work, maintenance of local applications, development of interfaces to other applications). The type of work is also characterized (training, tuition, networking,maintenance, validation, development, operational). Since January 2007, the manpower is also split in "in-kind" or "not in-kind" work. Since January 2012, the manpower invested has been scrutinized through additional criteria (code design and parallelization).

Type of work
Type of work (2)

 Statistics on phasing effort

During MoU4 period, many Partners participated in the phasing effort in Toulouse and sent solid phasers teams, with people who had been working hard and well.

Phasing participation per year
Phasing effort by Partners during MoU4 versus total effort