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Physiography (current status)
Article published on 3 July 2009
last modification on 20 September 2012

by JFM
Orography GTOPO30 at 30’’ resolution GLOBE database NOAA/NGDC resolution 30’’ Global 1km data GTOPO30 GLOBE 30’’ GTOTPO30 Turbulent orography form drag
Soil types FAO at 10 km resolution : fraction of sand and clay FAO Digital Soil Map of the World at resolution 10 km FAO soil database, reduced to 3 classes WHS (UKPP used IGBP) FAO data at 5’ by 5’ interpolated at the operational model resolution
Soil depths ECOCLIMAP database at 1km resolution Lookup table with ecotypes Constant depths (2.5 m for w and 14.58 m for T) Lookup tables with ecotypes Constant depth of 3 m Constant depth at 2.89 m
Land covers ECOCLIMAP resolution 1 km 255 ecotypes derived from NDVI classification and a set of 12 pure ecotypes. Lookup tables between pure ecotypes and "flux conserving" averages for mixed ecotypes GLC2000 and GLOBCOVER 2009; lookup tables between land use categories and model parameters Global 1km data GLCC and CORINE (HIRLAM) ECOCLIMAP (HARMONIE) IGBP 1km dataset
ITE 25m dataset in UK model
Global Land Cover Characterization Data Base (GLCC) at 1km resolution (based on AVHRR) with the BATS classification and LAI climatology from MODIS
Lake properties ECOCLIMAP database at 1km resolution Land use dataset +GLDB for lake depth GLDB (HIRLAM) and ECOCLIMAP (HARMONIE) Inland water bodies (GLCC)
Glacier properties ECOCLIMAP database at 1km resolution FAO dataset and consistency checks GLCC (HIRLAM) and ECOCLIMAP (HARMONIE) Land use dataset GLCC
Land sea mask Fractional from ECOCLIMAP database resolution 250 m over Europe (CORINE) and 1km elsewhere Land use dataset From land cover data (GLCC+CORINE) (HIRLAM) and ECOCLIMAP (HARMONIE) Inferred from IGBP 1km land cover dataset GLCC and GTOP30 (at 30’’ resolution)
Deep soil climatologies None T2m climatology from CRU of University of East Anglia Derived from T2m climatology (?) None