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2020 Joint LACE Data Assimilation & DAsKIT Working Days, video-conference, 14-16 September 2020
Article published on 18 August 2020
last modification on 14 September 2020

by Patricia

The 2020 DAsKIT Working Days will be joint together with the LACE DAWD during 14-16 September 2020.

Due to the actual public health constraints, the meeting will be organized by video-conf (S4B Skype for Business platform).

 Agenda and list of participants


  • Progress/status presentations
    • by NMS: Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia, Austria, Algeria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Morocco, Poland, Portugal, Tunisia, Turkey
    • Status of HIRLAM upper-air DA activities (R. Randriamampianina)
    • Status of OPLACE (A. Trojáková)
  • Session on upper-air data assimilation: assimilation of humidity information
    • Impact of the variational assimilation of ground-based GNSS zenith total delay into AROME-Morocco model (Fatima Hdidou)
    • VarBC spin up and assimilation of Slovenian GNSS ZTD observations (B. Strajnar)
    • Improving heavy rainfall forecasts by assimilating surface precipitation in the convect-ive scale model AROME: A case study of the Mediterranean event of November 4, 2017 (Zahra Sahlaoui)
  • Session on upper-air data assimilation: radar data assimilation
    • Progress of radar DA - validation of obs. operator, processing in screening (A. Trojáková, A. Bučanek)
    • Validation of radial winds (K. Čatlošová)
  • Practical Session on pre-processing
    • OBSMON adaptation and re-compilation to read local ODB data files (Idir Dehmous)
    • BATOR adaptation to read SAPP BUFR SYNOP data (Yelis Cengiz)
  • Session on surface data assimilation