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Call for application for the first four positions of the single ALH Consortium
Article published on 23 July 2020
last modification on 25 September 2020

by Patricia

After some 30 years of cooperation, the ALADIN, LACE and HIRLAM Numerical Weather Prediction Consortia have decided to reinforce their collaboration. At the end of 2020, twenty-six European National Meteorological Services will become Members of a new, unified Consortium, under this Memorandum of Understanding – MoU covering the period 2021-2025.

The Members have adopted an ambitious 2021-2025 Strategy outlining their objectives in meteorological and computer science for this time period.

The development of all codes will continue, in order to support world-leading operational NWP suites operated by the Members, with a priority on high resolution (from kilometric to hectometric grid size) and short-range (including nowcasting suites). Another priority of the Strategy is to further increase the interoperability and portability of the codes. The codes are currently grouped in three “Canonical System Configurations” (CSC AROME, ALARO and HARMONIE-AROME), and full interoperability is only achieved inside the CSCs. The Consortium will strive to increase interoperability across the CSCs. It will also work to make the codes portable on various computer architectures, in order to cope with the rapid evolution of HPC systems and encourage maximum competition in procurements of the Members.

The human resources provided by the Members for this work represent approximately 100 FTE. These staffs are employed by the Members and work at their premises, but meet regularly. All aspects of the work are coordinated internationally by a Management Group. For the first years of the Consortium, the list of officers is as follows:

  • 1 Programme Manager (the “PM”)
  • 3 CSC Leaders
  • 1 Integration Leader (provided by Météo-France).
  • 8 Area Leaders (“AL”)
  • 1 Coordinator for the Data Assimilation starters KIT applications.
  • 1 Scientific Secretary (provided by Météo-France)
  • 1 Coordinator of Networking Activities (“CNA”)

The Consortium will appoint these officers via two calls for applications.

The present call concerns the first four officer positions, namely the Programme Manager and the three CSC Leaders.

The remaining officer positions will be filled via a second call that will be issued in November 2020. The four officers selected via this call will participate in the panel in charge of ranking the applicants to the remaining officer positions.

Eligibility conditions to apply

  • You must have a higher education in meteorology or computer science and a demonstrable experience in working on NWP operational suites or similar IT systems. An experience in international collaboration would be an advantage.
  • Your application must be supported by one National Met Service Member of the Consortium, who is already your employer or commits to become your employer if you are selected for the job. Salary and other aspects of the position must be discussed with this Member.
  • Good knowledge of English.

Calendar and selection process

  • The deadline to apply to the present call is 15 September 2020.
  • Interviews will be organized in the following weeks.
  • Appointments will be announced as soon as possible thereafter.

How to apply:

  • Applications (including references, C.V. and motivation letter) must be sent to Mrs Patricia Pottier, Météo-France, acting as Secretary: patricia.pottier"at"
  • A letter of support should be provided by the Director of the National Met Service who employs/will employ the applicant if selected.
  • It is possible to apply simultaneously to different positions advertised in this call.
  • Further questions can be asked to Mrs Patricia Pottier.

The specific Terms of Reference for the four positions can be consulted in the attached document.