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Joint 29th ALADIN Workshop & HIRLAM All Staff Meeting 2019, 1-5 April 2019, Madrid, Spain
Article published on 15 February 2019
dernière modification le 25 March 2019

by Patricia
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AEMET has kindly offered to host the joint 29th ALADIN Wk & HIRLAM ASM 2019 in Madrid. It will be organised on 1-4 April 2018 (Wk&ASM) and on 5 April (HMG/CSSI meeting).

The Main meeting will take place at the Headquaters of the Ministry for Ecological Transition in Nuevos Ministerios (Madrid) and the HMG/CSSI meeting on Friday will take place at AEMET headquaters.

For practical information (accommodation, transportation, ...), please consult the local organisers webpage.
Please register to the Wk/ASM and do indicate your proposal for presentations and posters as soon as possible (before making your travel arrangements). Deadline for registration is 15th of February.

A first draft programme and list of participants are available, taking into account all registrations made before February 15 at 16:00. For those who haven’t registered yet but plan to attend to Wk/ASM please do it ASAP, specially if you propose to give a presentation, the agenda will be updated accordingly.

Draft agenda on March 25.

List of participants updated on March 21.


  • Opening session
    • Piet TERMONIA: ALADIN status overview
    • Jeanette ONVLEE: HIRLAM highlights of the past year
    • Balazs SZINTAI: Status of the EUMETNET C-SRNWP project
    • Filip VANA: ECMWF progress report
  • Data Assimilation session
    • Randriamampianina ROGER: HIRLAM upper-air data assimilation: progress report
    • Benedikt STRAJNAR: Overview of RC LACE data assimilation activities
    • Claude FISCHER: Data assimilation works at MF
    • Joan CAMPINS: Assimilation of AMDAR humidity observations
    • Schonach DAVID: Ingestion of Clouds into a Nowcasting Model
    • Pau ESCRIBA AYERBE: LETKF with a like-operational HARMONIE-AROME in AEMET
    • Xiaohua YANG: CARRA reanalysis system: achievement and status
    • Florian MEIER: Nowcasting with AROME - recent challenges and developments in Austria
    • Carlos GUEIRO: Towards a NWC application based on HARMONIE-AROME
    • Randriamampianina ROGER: Impact of observations in HARMONIE-AROME DA during the YOPP SOP1 period
  • Dynamics session
    • Filip VANA: Higher order SL advection scheme
    • Petra SMOLIKOVA: Dynamics in LACE
    • Daan DEGRAUWE: A robust and scalable non-spectral solver for the ALADIN-NH dynamics
  • Surface dession
    • Patrick SAMUELSSON: Overview of HIRLAM surface activities
    • Camille BIRMAN: Snow analysis for NWP at Meteo France and recent developments for land surface analysis
    • Yurii BATRAK: Recent developments concerning the representation of sea-ice within the ALADIN-HIRLAM NWP system
    • Ekaterina KURZENEVA: Towards Harmonie between CANARI and SURFEX
    • Samuel VIANA: Testing target cy43h surface options in climate mode for assessment & reduction of surface bias: First results
  • System session
    • Daniel SANTOS MUNOZ: HARMONIE-AROME system status and advancement
    • Ryad EL KHATIB: Jumping barriers in Arome
    • Claude FISCHER: Oops, cycles !
    • Alexandre MARY: Towards extended validation of new branches and main cycles.
    • Martina TUDOR: Configuration 903 for LBC files
    • Yurii BATRAK: Experiments with CMake
    • Ole VIGNE: Single precision experiments with cycle 43
  • Physics session
    • Jean-Marcel PIRIOU: ARPEGE and AROME: recent developments and plans
    • Sander TIJM: HARMONIE-AROME physics developments
    • Radmila BROZKOVA: ALARO CMC at high resolution
    • Karl-Ivar IVARSSON: Progress in turbulence, shallow convection and cloud-microphysics in MetCoOp
    • Laura RONTU: About aerosol and cloud particle properties for radiation parametrizations
    • Daniel MARTIN PEREZ: Use of CAMS Aerosols in Harmonie-Arome
    • Bjorg Jenny ENGDAHL: Results from implementing elements of the Thompson microphysics into HARMONIE-AROME
    • Xiaohua YANG: DMI experiences with hectometric modelling
    • Eoin WHELAN: The CY43 MUSC environment
  • Verification session
    • Bent SASS: Short summary of HIRLAM-C verification activities
    • Christoph ZINGERLE: HARP activities and plans
    • Bent SASS: A new spatial verification scheme for NWP based on analyzing and forecasting local extremes
    • Andrew SINGLETON: HARP: more than just a verification tool
    • Angeles HERNANDEZ: Simulated Satellite Imagery from Harmonie-Arome - Applications
    • Åke JOHANSSON: rror growth on intra-daily timescales - The importance of the daily cycle in variability
  • EPS session
    • Inger-Lise FROGNER: HarmonEPS developments
    • Martin BELLUS: LAM-EPS activities in LACE
    • Clemens WASTL: C-LAEF: Convection permitting Ensemble System of ZAMG
    • Ulf ANDRAE: Towards continous production and EDA in MetCoOp
    • Alfons CALLADO PALLARES: AEMET-gSREPS: The Convection-permitting LAM-EPS at Spanish Met Agency
    • Henrik FEDDERSEN: Experiences with DMI’s operational COMEPS ensemble system
    • Geert SMET: Ensemble forecasting at the RMI of Belgium
    • Endi KERESTURI: Improving initial condition perturbations for a convection-permitting ensemble prediction system
  • Closing session


  • ALADIN LTM meeting
  • Side meeting on System
  • Side meeting on surface physics and data assimilation
  • Seminar on the new setup of the Harmonie-Arome git repository
  • Side-meeting on HARP verification


  • Ambar ABDENOUR: operational dust aerosol forecasting in algeria
  • Phillip SCHEFFKNECHT: GSPRO Assimilation Experiments with AROME using Synthetic Data
  • Phillip SCHEFFKNECHT: National Poster of the Austrian Weather Service
  • Alex DECKMYN: National poster Belgium
  • Boryana TSENOVA: NWP in Bulgaria
  • Kristian HORVATH: Verification of ALADIN and ECMWF 2m temperature forecasts: towards a joined 7-day forecast
  • Iris ODAK PLENKOVIC: An analog approach to wind speed forecasting
  • Antonio STANESIC: The NWP activities in Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service
  • Mario Hrastinski, Ján Mašek and Radmila Brožková: TKE-based mixing length in TOUCANS
  • Alena TROJAKOVA: NWP activities at CHMI
  • Lara QUITIAN HERNANDEZ: Data Assimilation for the study of Subtropical Cyclones
  • Patricia POTTIER: The NWP Systems at Meteo-France
  • Balazs SZINTAI: Biomass and soil moisture simulation and assimilation over Hungary using an offline land surface model with prognostic vegetation
  • Mihaly SZUCS: NWP activity at the Hungarian Meteorological Service
  • Colm CLANCY: Dynamics Research at Met Eireann
  • Ronan DARCY: Irish Regional Ensemble Prediction System (IREPS)
  • Emily GLEESON: Radiation in HARMONIE-AROME
  • Alan HALLY: IREPS: The Irish Regional Ensemble Prediction System
  • Roohollah AZAD: 3DVAR Assimilation of Aeolus HLOS wind in Harmonie-Arome
  • Randriamampianina ROGER: RadPrO project: using crowd-sourced observations to improve weather condition analyses and forecasts
  • Ole VIGNES: MetCoOp status and plans
  • Bogdan BOCHENEK: Poland - national poster
  • Maria MONTEIRO: 2019 NWP activities at IPMA
  • Alexandra CRACIUN: ALADIN activities in Romania
  • Maria DERKOVA: ALADIN related activities @SHMU
  • Michal NESTIAK: Our steps in DA
  • Jure CEDILNIK: ALADIN in Slovenia 2019
  • Javier CALVO: AEMET NWP activities
  • Carlos GEIJO: Modelling Flow-dependent Covariances with Gaussian Integrals
  • Esbjorn OLSSON: Harmonie-Arome High Resolution forecasts for Alpine World Ski Championships
  • Khalfaoui WAFA: NWP Activities in Tunisia
  • Alper GUSER: Aladin Related Activities in Turkey
Downloads Files to download:
  • wk2019-agenda.pdf
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  • wk2019-participant.pdf
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  • poster-france-wk2019.pdf
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