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Article published on 18 June 2019
last modification on 13 January 2020

by Patricia

24th ALADIN GA and 5th joint ALADIN GA & HIRLAM Council, Istanbul, 16-17 December 2019

On the kind invitation of M. Volkan Mutlu Coşkun, Director General of Turkish State Meteorological Service, the ALADIN and HIRLAM Assemblies of Directors met In Istanbul, Turkey.
The main point at the agenda of these meetings was the Convergence : the Assemblies discussed the draft MoU of the future single Consortium and the pending issues (long-term goals, organisation and management positions, voting rules and voting rights, budget, roadmap, ...). The Minutes of the meetings are being validating and will be available by the end of January 2020.

HAC, PAC and joint PAC-HAC meetings, November 4-5, Toulouse

The agendas of these meetings were mainly focused on the ALADIN-HIRLAM convergence process and the documents prepared by the Convergence WG were scrutinized : draft MoU and convergence roadmap, proposal for a status of associated members, strategy and strategy meeting, management, organisational bodies and positions, quality assurance, financial scenarios, ... The PAC-HAC was also presented with the agendas of the next Directors meetings, the realisation of the Rolling Work Plan 2019 at mid-year and the proposed RWP2020.
The minutes of these meetings are on-line : the main PAC-HAC recommendations (on the future ALADIN-HIRLAM MoU draft text) have already been implemented by the Convergence WG and the documents amended accordingly to PAC-HAC discussions and distributed to the ALADIN & HIRLAM Directors for their meeting in Istanbul, December 16-17.

Code Training Working Week, 9-12 Sept 2019, Toulouse

The goal of these training days was to provide an updated information about the code structure, the specific guidelines for coding in new IFS cycles, and a reviewed vision of “how to think when coding for IFS/Arpège/LAM”.
The presentations of the Code Training Working Week are on-line.

23rd August 2019 : The ALADIN-HIRLAM Newsletter n°13 is on-ligne
It is mainly dedicated to the last joint ALADIN Workshop / HIRLAM ASM (Madrid, April 2019).

Enjoy !

AEMET host the joint 29th ALADIN Wk & HIRLAM ASM 2019 in Madrid on 1-4 April 2019 and the HMG/CSSI meeting on 5 April 2019 (see the minutes on-line). The LTM meeting was organised as a side-meeting on Monday late afternoon and the minutes are on-line.

The agenda is on-line, together with the pdf of the presentations and posters, and some WG minutes (see the Wk main page). The plenary sessions have been recorded and the videos are on-line