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Article published on 29 March 2020
last modification on 23 June 2020

by Patricia

23 June. 2020 : the ALADIN-HIRLAM Newsletter n°15 is published

Looking back to the very unusual ALADIn Wk-HIRLAM ASM 2020 !

HAC, PAC and joint PAC-HAC meetings, 14-15 May 2020

The agendas of these meetings were mainly focused on the ALADIN-HIRLAM convergence process and the documents prepared by the Convergence WG were scrutinized.
The minutes of these meetings are on-line : the PAC-HAC recommendations have already been implemented by the Convergence WG and the documents amended accordingly to PAC-HAC discussions and distributed to the ALADIN & HIRLAM Directors for their video meeting on June 24-25.


The 1st visio ALADIN Wk-HIRLAM ASM was held from 30 March to 3 April 2020.
The pdf files of the presentations/posters are on-line and the videos of the sessions have also been added on the meeting web-page (although it would take more than 24 hours to watch them all). You can also consult the exchanges and information written during the chat discussions.

Our meeting (44 presentations in 9 sessions, 15 posters, 2 side-meetings) went well, with very nice presentations and discussions. So did the LTM (minutes are published) and the HMG-CSSI (minutes are published) meetings. However, we did miss the informal discussions during the icebreaker, Ljubljana visit and the diner down-town. We’ll resume that part for the All Staff Workshop 2021 in Ljubljana.

Thank to all of you who joined the meetings. More than 215 persons connected to the meeting and identified themselves, including 6 colleagues from ECMWF and the COSMO Scientific Program Manager. Maximum simultaneous attendance was 125 people on big sessions (opening, DA, system, physics and even 135 for surface), 95 people for dynamics, EPS, verification, applications and closing and still about 80 for the posters introduction and the fog side-meeting.

Below are a few "group photos" taken during the different sessions.

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Day in honour of Jean-François Geleyn

Presentations on various aspects of Jean-François’s successful research activities with a pioneering inspiration were given by scientists who have collaborated with him, and also by those who have been trained and supervised by him. The videos, presentations and photos of the day are on-line, together with a nice souvenirs and testimonies slide show.

Strategy Meeting : 3-5 February

This meeting was intented to establish a common set of strategic objectives for the future ALADIN-LACE-HIRLAM consortium. After the presentation and discussions with the experts and the current management of ALADIN, HIRLAM and LACE consortia, the Convergence Woking Group worked on preparing a Strategy document, to be proposed to the Assemblies of Directors at their next meetings in June.

24th ALADIN GA and 5th joint ALADIN GA & HIRLAM Council, Istanbul, 16-17 December 2019

On the kind invitation of M. Volkan Mutlu Coşkun, Director General of Turkish State Meteorological Service, the ALADIN and HIRLAM Assemblies of Directors met In Istanbul, Turkey.
The main point at the agenda of these meetings was the Convergence : the Assemblies discussed the draft MoU of the future single Consortium and the pending issues (long-term goals, organisation and management positions, voting rules and voting rights, budget, roadmap, ...). The Minutes of the meetings have been approved : Minutes of the 24th GA, minutes of the 5th joint Assemblies.