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Article published on 2 September 2010
last modification on 7 August 2015

by Patricia

During the 10th Assembly (Bratislava, October 2005), the third Memorandum of Understanding (MoU3) was signed by the Partners. It defines, among others, the ALADIN governance and management : the ALADIN Program Manager is the main executive officer of the ALADIN Consortium.

The 10th Assembly appointed Jean-François Geleyn (Météo-France) as the first ALADIN PM.

According to the procedure decided during the 14th General Assembly (Istanbul, November 2009), for the choice of the new PM, on July 2, 2010, Piet Termonia (IRM) received an unanimous support to his candidacy to PM position and will be our new ALADIN Programme Manager.

Piet Termonia
Jean-François Geleyn
The new elected PM, Piet Termonia has worked with Jean-François Geleyn during the 2nd semester of 2010 (until the 15th General Assembly in Prague, 14-15 December 2010).
Piet and Jean-François during 15th GA
More details and photos/video on the dedicated pages of the 15th General Assembly, the signing of the MoU4 and the 20th ALADIN anniversary and tribute to Jean-François