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36th EWGLAM and 21st SRNWP meeting, 29/09-2/10/2014, Offenbach (Germany)
Article published on 2 June 2014
last modification on 2 June 2015

by Patricia

The 36th European Working Group on Limited Area Modelling (EWGLAM) and 21st Short Range Numerical Weather Prediction (SRNWP)meetings which will be held in Offenbach from
29th September to 2nd October 2014.

This meeting will include:

  • Presentations by the main modelling consortia and ECMWF,
  • Review talks by the Expert Teams,
  • National activities posters,
  • Expert-Team themed presentations (suggested presentations should be submitted through the Expert Team chairpersons),
  • Dedicated (half-day) session on “NWP and renewable energy†,
  • Final EWGLAM discussions and SRNWP business meeting.

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